What website provider do you recommend?

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  1. What website host and builder do you recommend for a Minecraft server? I’m not talking about a server host but rather a host for the server’s website, where there’ll be a contact form, a Buycraft page, etc. It will not have a forum.

    Should I go with Squarespace, Enjin, or something else?

    Edit: In hindsight, I realize that I should’ve posted this thread in Hosting Advice.
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  2. tbh if u have the money just get a custom coded one
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  3. You can find a good overview of website builders available here, updated just under a month ago: https://www.comparakeet.com/best-minecraft-website-builder/ the list includes a full list of pros and cons for each builder. The only one I've used out of these though is Enjin, so I'll give my views on that.

    I've used Enjin for about 5 years, I would say if you're using it for free or even paid, it is a very impressive website builder. It's easy to set up pages and choose the layout of them. There are also plenty of pre-made themes which to me are pretty incredible and there's even one for Minecraft. Applications/appeals/contact forms are also very easy to manage as well as individual ranks for users. I haven't used any donation/store modules but those are available in the free plan as well. And as a final point to put forward according to the website above: security is pretty good and is protected against possible flaws that may be more common in other websites.

    However, Enjin is an absolute pain to use on mobile or on any tablet device (I don't believe the websites are properly designed to resize properly). Sadly, the mobile application (I've only tried iOS due to the lack of Android phone) is not much better, and very prone to breaking a lot of the time. You can't view applications on it either and must do it on the website itself. Whilst this would be fine if the app was updated, it is not, and hasn't been updated in two years, whilst it was originally released three years ago.

    Today I've mostly kept off it since I don't have a great amount to do on it and the lack of development nowadays doesn't really give it the same feeling anymore, but for the first few tries at it, I'm sure you'll like it. If not, I'm sure there's plenty of others you can use.

    Best of luck!
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  4. https://xenforo.com/

    EDIT: I just noticed it says "website builder", not forums.
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  5. if you don't have the funds or the know how to make a custom website. I would recommend using squarespace, I find the enjin layout is starting to get kinda of outdated.
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  6. I agree.

    I tried out Eijin, but it definitely looks outdated. I’m going with Squarespace. I’ve seen Squarespace ads on YouTube and heard them in podcasts so many times that it’s essentially ingrained into my brain that this is a good website builder.
    Jokes aside, it does legitimately look fantastic, and from what I understand, it comes with a free .com domain.
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