What would be a great laptop for an student?

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  1. Hello I am searching on changing my laptop, I need something I can take to university with a great battery life. I want quality on an affordable price

  2. Do you have a budget and are you just going to do research on it.
    I'd recommend the Lenovo ThinkPad X260, it has a supposedly battery rating of about 17 hours of constant usage before the battery is drained, it's a bit pricey.
    If you were on a budget then an Apple MacBook Air 13 Inch would do the trick as well, it's rated at about 14 hours of continuous use.
  3. For a student and product or purposes definitely a Mac, especially in college.

    I've seen inside college classes and most students have a laptop and most of them, almost all of them, have Macs. The others with the other brands either can't afford it or are one of the people who game on their computers or just get tight when you say Macs are good and they get all the specs to back themself up :)P).

    Also, if you are a student there is a $200 discount during the summer on all Macs. You just need to provide proof you are a student.

    So yeah would recommend a Mac for school stuff. If you do lots of stuff and gaming then not a Mac.
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  4. MiniDigger


    the first thing you should deside on is screen size. Do you want to have that big screen to have more space for windows or maybe to watch a video which comes with the downside of more battery drain, more size, more weight and stuff.
  5. My budget would be $500 to $600 USD

    I need something light

    I don't need it for games, I already own a Desktop Gaming PC
  6. Then definitily not a Mac :p (at least a good one)
  7. Lenovo would be your best bet honestly.
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  8. I partly agree with your statement :p I agree that most of people have Macs, that's right. You also get a discount here in UK too + a free pair of beats with a macbook. I could afford one, but went with HP only because I'm not a fan of macs and I think that you the price of a mac you can get better gear. My programming consists of graphics processing too, so I was looking for some solid GPU as well as CPU and decent amount of RAM.
    I also tend to leave my projects open as well as all the tabs (Chrome) so RAM was of big importance to me.

    If I was to buy another laptop, I would probably go with Lenovo like most of the people above said.
  9. Lenovo laptops are very good and powerful, and so are their desktops, however I find Lenovo products look very ugly and the design isn't good. What about the rest of you?
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  10. I honestly prefer their design over the likes of Acer and Dell which I feel look cheap. I see where you are coming from though, this may be because I like the square, plain black design.
  11. Yeah, I prefer a much more slick and clean design.
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  12. *cough* Mac *cough*

    Then again, most of you....
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  13. Macbook air 11 or 13 inches
  14. Well, I guess Macbook is the best Choice,

    Or well, who can link me to a lenovo laptop that has used before ?
  15. if you can streatch your budget $200 more you can get an XPS 13. its a ultrabook with an i5 or the option of an i7. for travel, business, or school its essentailly a windows version of a mac.
  16. With 200$ more then you might as well get a mac :p
  17. Seems like a great alternative to a MAC at the same price, any idea on how long does the battery last? I dont trust web page specifications thought
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  18. the macbook pro and air cost upwards of $1000 making it way out of the option. sure budget windows laptops are cheaper but most of them are 15.6 in models and they are bulky not exactly good for tiny ass desks you would get when in school. this one is a 13 in laptop but with a 12 in form factor. id say if you are spending money on a computer might as well get something you wont regret. sure macs make great student machines because of their secure OS but remember macs are still stuck with haswell cpus which are far less power efficient then skylake cpus are. remember OP wants max power efficiency and looking at this from that standpoint clearly skylake is the winner because of power efficiency and performance per watt. futhermore, the latest macbooks use core m series processors meaning no fan to cool the CPU down meaning that the chassis of the laptop is now the heatsink, making the issue of thermal throttling very common. in fact the 2015 macbook had that issue where it would always thermal throttle no matter what you did. id say to go for the more reliable and cheaper solution and if OP wants energy efficency, power, portability, and reliability then id say the XPS 13 is clearly the better option here, at least until apple decides to actually cool their processors better
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  19. the older model (broadwell) had a 15 hour battery life but mostly lasted about 13 hours from what i seen in powermark and other reviews. id say the current model (skylake) should have a longer battery life due to skylake being a much more energy efficient mircoarchitecture than haswell or broadwell and also the shrink to the 14nm finfet process