What would be the best way to mass implement 'new' blocks into older versions of MC

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  1. Hello there spigot community,

    I do hope I'm posting my thread in the right place, if not please do direct me to where I should post this.

    My question pertains to mass implementation of 'new' blocks into mc. Now my reasoning for this is somewhat subjective in terms of how you might picture this, but it is a serious question and I would appreciate serious answers :)

    What I'd like to ask is what is the best way to say implement purpur blocks into 1.8 on a mass scale, such as being found in the end cities found in 1.9 (of course custom world generation would be a must for something like this, but my question is assuming you could generate a world with said custom blocks implemented into 1.8. I was thinking armor stands with heads as some users have previously done, however I fear that might cause lag when the world is generated with the end cities using the purpur blocks. I'm talking slabs, blocks, and stairs btw. Currently that's the only idea I have in mind, I'm hoping someone here might have another suggestion that would fit the situation better :)

    Thank you,

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  5. You can use resource packs to change textures. So if you wouldno mind changing existing blocks then you can changer them. If you wanted to do this for protocol support then all you would have to do is to make sure the new blocks are changed to the old blocks with the new textures in the packets.
    I think that in 1.10 there is a way to actually create new blocks or items with resource packs but I'm not sure.
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    if you want 1.10 blocks, use 1.10. its that easy. don't try such hacky "solutions"
    we had https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/carbon.1258/ but it was a mess.
    I know the "reasons" to not upgrade (mojang ruined the pvp, bla bla bla, I know) but you can revert to the old pvp mechanics. doing so is much easier then implementing new features in old versions, plus, when using the latest version on spigot you get the newest apis and bugfixes from the spigot team and mojang.
  7. If it is the pvp, then personally I find it foolish to not update and use this Hacky thing that was asked for.

    When they made the update they made sure you could go back. You can set the cool down to 0 as an attribute of the weapon and for blocking you can just look if a player is clicking with a sword and if so you just add a shield in his offhand and when done you remove the shield.

    You can easily go back to old mechanics, so why would you not update and use possibly risky versions that aren't well supported.