What would be the greatest plugin to exists ?

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  1. What according to you would be the best plugin to have on this platform, the plugin of your dreams, I am quite curious about this, don't hesitate to give details, be specific, features, config file, name etc... The plugin can exist or needs to be made, and it can also be unacheavable. Don't forget that a plugin is not a mod though, so bring blocks or physics to the game where everyone is not running on the same version is not unacheavable it is simply impossible :p
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  2. Luckperms - They are just awesome, all the possibilities, friendly UI, web UI, everything just makes sense.
    ChatControlRed - (it isn't on this platform anymore, tho), also, everything makes sense, the rules system is awesome, the formats are genius as well. You can also do JavaScript scripts.
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  3. BossShopPro - you can simply realise all Menus you would like to have ^^

    HeadDatabase - Custom Heads for a server are always a win. But I guess I'm not objective here...
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  4. not actually the best plugin but the most useful is drivebackupv2. I use it for my servers and it is so so good and useful, i backup every single world i have on the server and it automatically moves the files to google drive, or even onedrive. I think this is the most useful plugin and i would recommend it anytime.
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  5. Strahan


    WorldEdit and WorldGuard. So handy.
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  6. Luckperms: easy to use, nice support and compatibility
    Worldedit: it just helps you so much in the production
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  7. My plugins of course :cool:

    In all seriousness tho: ViaVersion and Geyser save soooooooo much headache. Just slap them onto your server and you don't have to worry about what version you're on anymore.
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  8. For me they would be:
    - Essentials
    - Via version too

    Eng. Caio Vinicius.
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