Whats a good way to test the amount of players I can hold?

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  1. I'm looking for anything that can be used to test my setup to see if i can hold all my slots.
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  2. That is the most innacurate thing ever. What about latency? That site is essentially saying that a person hosting a server on an average American connection can have Russian or Chinese players without them having any latency lag.
  3. i forgot that :(
  4. Generally, one player on your server takes up about 30 - 140mb of ram depending on how you have optimized your server. Therefore, if you want to see if you can host a server for say a twenty player cap, the server will be using up around 1.7gb of memory if you assume the average player uses up 85mb (not accounting for plugin ram-usage). I have no idea how much player slots you are attempting to hold, but I would say for about twenty players, you are going to be using around 2gb of ram when you account for everything. This is just my guestimation, if any spigot veterans would like to correct me, feel free to do so :)
  5. There's no definate answer. It all depends on your plugins, buildings and what the players are doing. A server with 100 players at spawn would take less than 100 players spread out building bases I believe. I believe their was a tool for stress testing in a offline mode with flying bots, you'll have to look for it tho.

    Just remember going overkill with your specs is better than underkill if your planning on getting a sudden burst of players from a advertisement.
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    I'd recommend spam bots - There's several plugins which can do this for you.