What's a PacketDataSerializer?

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  1. Legit question: does it do what it says it does? If so, how do I use it? I can't find any useful documentation about it. If anyone can guide me to some docs, I will be very happy. ;)

    I'm trying to access values from an instance of PacketPlayOutEntityVelocity without reflection.
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    It's a wrapper around Netty's ByteBuf with some methods used by NMS to convert packets to and from binary arrays. Many of the methods are obfuscated and there isn't any documentation - you'll have to figure out the purpose of each method by reading its code.
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  3. Well this is going to be fun. Thanks anyway.
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  5. Oh. Well I mainly wanted to know how to use it since I want to get some values from a PacketPlayOutEntityVelocity packet.
  6. Best way to learn NMS is to cross reference it to MCP. They named things waaaay better and deobfuscated most of the code. Easiest way to do this is clone Forge into your IDE as a project and have a look around. ^_^
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  7. Awesome. I'm gonna remember this.