Whats better, a MC Gaming Server with 10GB Ram or a VPS with 8GB Ram?

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  1. Hey,
    some people are telling me its worth more to use a VPS as Minecraft Server with 8GB Ram then
    a Minecraft Gaming Server with 10GB Ram, whats your opinion?

    And what do you think, how much players can handle

    A: A VPS with 8GB Ram and 50 Plugins (incl. NoLag Plugin)
    B: A Minecraft Gaming Server with 10GB Ram and 50 Plugins (incl. NoLag Plugin)

    Both Servers would have 5 worlds.

    Thanks <3
  2. A VPS server would be better if you wanted to switch around games etc or make multiple servers on the same address.
    What are the costs.
  3. for 8GB VPS its 16$
    and for a 10GB Minecraft Gaming Server 15$ :)

    It will be a Survival / Citybuild Server
  4. Usually the word Gaming is used to push up prices, VPS you have to setup the ports etc, the server you just launch.
  5. Exactly it's depends on the services you requires. If you can handle a VPS I would always go for a killer VPS over a gaming server if all possible.
  6. Strahan


    Specs would be what I'd want to see. Also it's kind of silly; it isn't like you can have a VPS or a "Minecraft gaming server". A VPS can be a Minecraft gaming server. Their terminology is quite vague.
  7. You can have a VPS or a minecraft gaming server?
    One is a control panel, one you have access to the system.
  8. Which you can host a control panel on to create a "minecraft gaming server", a vps will always be better if you know what you're doing and the specs are better.
  9. A vps gives YOU the control, a game server with a control panel gives the host the control.
  10. Strahan


    The terminology is just stupid. Any server running Minecraft is a "Minecraft gaming server".
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  11. Not necessarily. A Minecraft gaming server is just one that you don't need to man...
    The OS
    The Security
    The hardware
    The network
    The underlying software (control panel)
    etc etc etc.

    Where as a Minecraft VPS is one that you have Minecraft AND a VPS. When you plop Minecraft on a VPS it doesn't CHANGE to the above.
  12. A minecraft vps is still a vps? You'd still probably have to manage:
  13. Strahan


    I don't think you get what I'm saying; I'm just bitching about the vague terminology not the technology. "Minecraft gaming server" is generic and vague; any server running Minecraft is a Minecraft gaming server by the loose definition of the term. It's a server, where one can do some Minecraft type of gaming. "Shared hosting" is typically what I've seen that referred to as.

    Not that it really matters; the total vagueness of it though just annoys my OCD heh.
  14. I get what your saying now. So more "correct" way to call a "game server" that you buy from a host that is shipped with just the game and the control panel is a SHARED game server.
  15. Depends what you want to do
  16. The price looks very fishy for the "minecraft gaming server". I'm very surprised that up to now nobody has asked which host...
  17. I'm hosting at this hoster for quite a time now, never had any issues, ping is perfect, no downtime. So I think its just pretty cheap! :)
  18. That doesn't answer my question. Cheap hosts always skimp on something, or they lose money. It's almost impossible to be a top-quality host and have that price.
  19. My bet would be the minecraft server that is specialized in it. Why? VPS providers tend to have the more cores the better; and the chances are that they are oversold is probably bigger than a minecraft server.

    Having a bit delay for a web application is not a issue; who notice those 200ms wait time extra? probably no one. But for minecraft any delay would be noticable.

    Make sure to read review, to select a nice and cozy one.
  20. It's always better to choose a dedicated server or VPS than a Minecraft server hosting website. Services such as MCProHosting, Apex, ShockByte, and AnvilNode all split the dedicated server into multiple nodes. For example, a minecraft server host offering $10 for 4G of RAM is actually 1GB of ram. It's a complete ripoff, and I don't recommend VPS servers as they don't have a lot of performance.. You can look up Kimsufi for a cheap dedicated server, or SoYouStart for a larger server. Kimsufi is really cheap, and you can hire a sys admin here on Spigot to set it up for $5. Multicraft will reduce the performance of the server slightly but it's really helpful for people like me who don't know Linux.

    Good luck!
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