Whats better?

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Which ban plugin is better

  1. Ban manager

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  2. Lite Bans

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  1. Which ban plugin is better?
  2. Personally, I recommend not using just a "ban plugin", I would use a fully functional plugin that can go with the whole server so all the permissions are easy and you can get used to the commands, I recommend Essentials:
  3. I have always just used Essentials for handling bans and have never used a plugin. I don't think a plugin is needed when you can use the space for something else.
  4. I agree.
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    If you run a single server, Essentials is probably the best way to go. However, if you run a multi-server network, and you wish to have cross-server banning, I'd recommend BanManager. It's very simple to use, and, it has a really nice Web-UI.