What's Happening at MINECON?

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  1. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Hey Guys & Girls,

    You’ll notice that we’ve been pretty quiet on news regarding MINECON. Unfortunately that is because we don’t have quite as much to share this time around. Since we are less than two weeks out from the event, I thought I would post some brief information about what our current plans are at this stage:

    SpigotMC Staff Members
    The following SpigotMC staff members will be in attendance at MINECON:
    Michael - @md_5 (Australia)
    Jordan - @brajo (UK)
    Justin - @jflory7 (US) [MINECON Agent]
    Miguel - @Xor Boole (US)
    We will be roaming around all weekend in our SpigotMC shirts, so if you see one of us please feel free to come say hi.

    Unfortunately this year, we were not able to organise a booth for the weekend. Quite simply, the costs of doing so were just too high for us to be able to reasonably justify. This does, however, mean that we will have plenty of free time to hang around with everyone else at the event.

    Stay tuned for more information on this.

    Last year, we were spectacularly spoilt in the fact that we had a great selection of restaurants in the area who were able to accommodate a huge number of us for a reasonable price. Unfortunately the restaurant selection in Anaheim is slightly more limited in terms of who is able to accommodate us for a price we think everyone can afford. That being said, we have tentatively arranged for a Saturday dinner at circa $50/head. More information should hopefully be available on this soon. Keep the night free, and stay tuned since there is a good chance we will have to limit numbers.

    We have an incredibly limited selection of t-shirts left over from last year (around a dozen). We are currently undecided as to what to do with them, but will probably give them away to a few lucky people. If you have a SpigotMC shirt from 2015 or even 2013 we would love to see you roaming Anaheim in it.

    Staying Updated
    We will be using the Twitter account (@Spigot_MC) to keep you updated on the weekend. We highly recommend you set up push notifications for this account as there is a strong chance of impromptu meet and greets occurring throughout the event. We won’t spam you - promise!

    Most of the SpigotMC staff will be at Disneyland on Monday the 26th from open to close (8am-6pm). We are expecting that a lot of Minecrafters will be doing the same - so if you are planning to do Disneyland, make it the Monday! Pay attention to our Twitter and we’ll let you know where we are from time to time in case you want to tack on. We’ll also try and hold an impromptu mini-lunch at one of the many restaurants there.

    Hopefully more good news coming soon,
    ~Spigot Team

    PS: We have one spare ticket for MINECON so if you know of anyone who missed out please let us know.
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  2. Well :D
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  3. Noble Pro


    Wish I was able to come again this year. Maybe next year! Hope everyone that's going has a great time!
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  4. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Looking forward to meeting you all.
    I hope that those who are travelling afar, have a safe journey; and for those who are local, please welcome us with big open arms.
    Also please don't forget to share your photos as there are many memories to be made!

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  5. Nice! To everybody who can be there, have fun!
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  6. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    Have fun all. My profile pic will be there in spirit!
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  7. jflory7

    jflory7 Retired Moderator
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    Looking forward to catching some more Spigoteers this year on the US west coast! Don't be shy, if you see us on the convention floor, feel free to come up and say hello. :) Regrettably, I will not be at Disneyland with the crew, but I'll be in Anaheim until Sunday night.

    Hopefully, I can do a good job of documenting this year's festivities once again!
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  8. jflory7

    jflory7 Retired Moderator
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    Take and share lots of pictures, indeed! :D

    We'll have tacos for you and @Z750.
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  9. Shame I won't be going, but nice updates, seems costs are really high this year then
  10. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    And burritos of course *ahem*
  11. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    About double last year.
  12. joehot200


    Wish I could go, but too far. :(
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  13. I hope you guys all have fun at Minecon.
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  14. Nifty. 50 dollars per person? hmmmmmmm.
  15. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    We're still ironing out the details (nb tentative) but yeah our requirement for any event was under $50pp to keep it affordable.
  16. I hope you guys have a great time out there!
  17. MikeA

    MikeA Retired Moderator
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    Interesting. Have fun!
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  18. Hype!

    Ill be going!
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