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  1. Hey guys, I'm not really sure where this post fits best, but I was wondering if you guys could help. I've been off Minecraft for a while now, and I'm considering starting a server for fun. So basically I'm wondering what type of server I should create.

    I've got two main questions:
    1. What versions do people play in mostly?
    2. What type of Minecraft servers are big right now?

    Thanks for any feedback, I really appreciate it.

  2. 1. You really should be starting a 1.14 server at this point. While some of the builds may still be slightly buggy, it is not really a good idea to use unsupported versions of Spigot.

    2. I personnaly like economy, but I can't speak for the rest of the world on "whats popular", mostly because I don't know.
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  3. What server types are most popular? Factions, KitPVP, Prisons, MiniGames, Survival, TNT Cannons, Skyblock... The "big" ones.
    Current Most Popular Server Versions:
  4. Choco


  5. Idk I got that picture from MCStats.org
  6. What is MCStats.org online??? :O
  7. A plugin statistic service that provides anonymous insights into the users of plugins, and minecraft as a whole, when implemented into plugins.
  8. Yeah I know, but wasn't it down?
  9. I did not see the online when I read it lol. I don't believe it was down, may be wrong though..?
  10. Hi, the version you should use depends on what type of server you want to start, for example I reccomend 1.8.x/1.7.10 for factions or pvp based server and 1.14.x for vanilla or creative servers !
    I think that at the moment the majority of the servers with the most amount of players are hcf or factions !
    I hope I've helped you, have a nice day :)
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  11. Wow! This post had no replies last time I checked... I guess I missed a bunch of notifications! Thanks for all the help guys, the charts are super useful I had no idea about them. Part of me wants to create something brand new, but that's much riskier than just going with a safe option like Factions or Skyblock, although those game-modes are so over-saturated. Also I'm curious as to what version people are making Skyblock on these days? To clarify, I'm talking about the server version, not the versions that are able to join the server.

    Thanks for all the help,
  12. minecraft is coming back with everything in 2019 because of the new versions 1.14 and 1.13
  13. I'm particularly in love with this.