Question What's Spigot's license?

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  1. Hello,
    The about Spigot page says that "All of our software is completely free and open source", and I can see that the source code is available in Jira, but I would like to know more about the software license. Is it free software?

    The Spigot source code doesn't have any license specified, and the BuildTools license is not very clear.

    Thank you in advance
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    To add to this, BuildTools' licence is the same as the 3-Clause BSD licence.
  3. Are you sure about it? If I am not mistaken Spigot is a collection of code patches that are applied to the Craftbukkit code. The result jar has Craftbukkit code, but not the intermediate patches. Am I right?
  4. I didn't know that. Thanks!
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  6. Ok, thank you all for the information! But I still think that it would be nice to explicilty set a license in Spigot's repo.
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    Just fyi: (Probably) nobody here is a lawyer so no actual legally binding statements regarding licenses can be made. You should refer to the information mentioned in the repository and at the distribution of the code for answers regarding the license and contact your lawyer if you really need to know the license of something instead of trusting the word of internet strangers and their (potentially wrong) interpretations of license texts.

    E.g. my interpretation is that the GPLv3 does not apply to Spigot because it patches CraftBukkit (which is licenses LGPLv3 anyways and not GPLv3) and never actually distributes CraftBukkit as part of Spigot (Spigot can only be locally build, not downloaded and any download violates multiple different licenses/copyrights as well as the US DMCA law as it would be required to be distributed under GPLv3 which at least Mojang's code isn't compatible with). This only refers to the not-available Spigot server jar though, the Spigot-API jar is available through maven and includes the full GPLv3 Bukkit code so its distribution has to be under GPLv3 (or a stricter, GPLv3 compatible licenses) in order to not violate Bukkit's license.
    Again I want to emphasise that this is my own personal layman understanding of the legal implications of the licenses in question and you should not rely on these for any decisions before checking back with your lawyer.
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  8. Very interesting, thank you. I was just asking for curiosity
  9. I wonder why there are no references in the Spigot homepage about being open source. Also, it would be interesting to have the license information in the plugin pages.