What's the best free 24/7 Minecraft host

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  1. Hi,

    I'm currently using Aternos but it's getting annoying for my friends cause they can't play when I'm unavailable

    Is there's any good free 24/7 hosting
  2. The first one is better because they claim that they're providing a premium quality free 24/7 hosting service

    But remember that such thing doesn't exist perfectly
  3. Free hosts aren't worth it. There are two options that are actually worth it though.

    1. You could use your computer as a server and port-forward it for a free server (if you have unlimited data on ur wifi)
    2. A better option would be using a VPS company that gives you $100 free credit and buying a prepaid credit card for $5. If you do this, i'd recommend using Linode or Vultr.
  4. I agree with the fact that free hosts aren't worth it but not all are bad, I've been using and researching free hosts for over 6 months and barely 5% of the free hosts I've found work well with no lag.

    I know people think free hosting is dumb but ya if you wish to just host a small smp for your friends free hosts are the best choice.

    and I don't think getting a vps for a smp is needed, people can just get a paid 3$ per month budget server if they wish to host a private smp.

    and I'm pretty sure not everyone has a good pc to handle even a average lag free smp.

    *Just sharing my opinion*
  5. just saying, as long as you have over like 4gb ram it would probably be possible for it to be lag free if you allocate like 1gb but yea i get the point
  6. agreed cuz 1.17 itself takes over 2GB while starting and if plugins added its barely gonna be stable
  7. Aternos isnt that great of a Free Server just host one on your own Computer?
  8. agreed but: (read bolded)