What's the best free-server host?

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  1. Hello guys! I want a free 1.12.2 Minecraft server host, that will host a Bukkit server for me. I should be the owner. Please, if you know a free- server host with unlimited players allowed and unlimited plugins, please tell me, any website or a person. Please help me finding a suitable host for my server.
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  2. That is asking a lot for a free host.
    Server.Pro is honestly your best bet.
  3. There is no website that is completly free for your requirements.

    1) https://aternos.org/
    2) https://server.pro
    3) Or you start an Server on your PC.
  4. Give me instructions on how to start a Bukkit server?
  5. Google it? I don’t think google will bite you.
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  6. Not true..

    https://fastsrv.io/ provide free servers with 512mb ram unlimited players / plugins however you need to verify with paypal and they will fund you $0.01 at first but i think they can help you so you dont need. in your case i think it is totally decent
  7. 1) Download the last bukkit version for 1.12.2 [Download at the Bukkit Site]
    2) Create an folder on your desktop
    3) Put the bukkit.jar into the folder
    4) Create an start.bat with the code "java -jar NAME.jar"
    5) Start the start.bat
    6) Accept the eula [eula.txt]
    7) Start again the server
    8) Finish.
  8. He have too look an hoster whick is free....
  9. I mean, there's plugins that do this pretty much automatically, but okay long boring process is long and boring
  10. Did you read my post? They are free. https://fastsrv.io/cart.php
  11. 5$ for 32gbs of ram... That doesnt seem fake or scamish at allllll..
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  12. As i use them right now and purchased a server i don't think it is scam
  13. So its a 24/7 server with 32gbs? How did you varify it has 32gbs?
  14. LOL.

    Are you like joking or actually retarded? Do you even know what those $0.01 cent payments are usually for? It's to validate your bloody PayPal so they can charge you afterwards... I did something similiar a while ago with my new phone subscription. I had to pay 1 cent to prove ownership of my bank account. Now, they automatically take money from my bank every month (they verified that I own it, so now they have permission to automatically pay subscriptions).
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  15. It is not hard if you are retarded who click on the subscribe instand of 1 time payment. However i do not think FreeSRV is a scamming site, and they can validate your account without PayPal and they use PayPal for their real purpose to validate the account to prevent bots, bad content on their servers.
    What i know, FASTSRV is not a scamming site. However their servers are not the best as i mentioned in my review. But please don't accuse them for scamming without knowing it. Since i used it i found it 100% legit and FastSRV is a part of RX Group, and i found them on MC-Market a while ago. However i don't want to debate here on the op's thread and i can confirm FastSRV is legit and if you think they are going to scam you as the last poster thought i would recommend you to use their live support and request a manual approvment.
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  16. They may or may not be scammers, but please don't post things like "just verify your PayPal and do some wonky 1 cent transaction"... There are kids on this forums. Kids who may or may not have knowledge of how, why and where the internet can be dangerous place. Some 11 year old could be reading this and thinks nothing of those 1 cent transactions and account verification and the possible dangerous behind them if you comply with it. Maybe this one is safe, maybe it's not, I'm not to judge. I'm not trying to be rude here, but this forums is already as dangerous as it can be sometimes with malicious plugin. The least we can do is keep the discussions filled with safe advise, suited for the average not knowing kid :cry:
    i love these new emojis
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  17. Aswell they can manual verify as the site offers that. All pleased
  18. If you really want a server host that allows you to run your server with no downtime and allow for many players and plugins, you'll have to cough up the money somewhere. Running a successful public server takes a bit of investment, with the amount depending on where you start and where you want to take it. You should really consider lowering your standards if you want to find a free, let alone cheap host that won't disappoint you.
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  19. If you are gping to wamt to do a server properly (which im assuming you do) then why not pay for hosting? Or if you want it free use your pc simple
  20. The person above already said this and uh, Never recommend using your pc for a public server that's just a bad idea...
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