What's the best Permissions Plugin?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Berry, Dec 28, 2015.

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  1. As Title suggests.
  2. No it isn't.

    But as your question asks:
    You could use GroupManager, but if you want to be better it's crap.
    Then better servers use PEX
    and great servers use zPermissions
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  3. Thanks, the reason I ask is it saves me a lot of time when people with knowledge can provide me with good solutions.
  4. Yes, but there is also a thing called Search you can search a lot of these things have been asked already.
  5. zPerms is bad imo, not many plugins on Spigot support it (mainly for chat) for example DeluxeChat doesnt have a placeholder, nor does any of maxims plugins. I use PEX, and thats the only one ive been brought up with since i started doing servers.
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  6. I would highly suggest PEX due to how widely used it is so you may find it easier. Also supports being able to create entire perms in-game without messing around with config files. Lastly it has a really good wiki for it to find everything you need to know.
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  7. zPermissions
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  8. PEX. No doubt about it.
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  9. I would for sure use PEX, especially if you don't know too much about permissions, its widely used and thus there are a lot of tutorials for it.
  10. PEX is a hands down winner for me. It's logical, functional and powerful. Can't go wrong with that combo.
  11. zPerms but I would also go with PEX.
  12. I would suggest PEX as the better permissions plugin
  13. Doesn't zPermissions hook into vault and you use the vault placeholders...?
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  14. Nothings perfect, but there's GroupManager, PEX, zPermissions, PowerfulPerms, BungeePerms, MySQL Perms (not exact name), Bpermissions.

    GroupManager's nice for simplicity and ease of use. Its clean, integrates with Essentials and has GlobalGroups which make permissions files much cleaner and easier to use.

    PEX: Very powerful for usage.

    zPermissions / bPermissions: Haven't used it, can't comment.

    BungeePerms: Supports spigot and bungee instances but is somewhat broken/outdated.

    PowerfulPerms: Fully based mySQL perms, stores everyhing in mySQL and is very useful for bungeecord networks. It operates on bungee and spigot instances hand in hand.

    mySQL Perms: Some outdated premium SQL perms from what I recall.

    I believe all of these plugins have commands to manage permissions, and PowerfulPerms doesn't support the ability to simply modify a permissions.yml file. Realistically if you're doing any proper/serious permission management I don't understand why you're using commands over a file for the permissions.

    Take note some of these permission plugins are outdated, but based on this list of plugins you should be able to search them up and find out what fits your needs best.
  15. I use PermissionsEx at the moment (with MySQL) and would recommend it, but have also used zPermissions, bPermissions, and PermissionsBukkit - all of which are good.
  16. Might as well ask which religion is best. You'll get the same type of answers.

    I use GroupManager. (Not saying it's the best, just saying it's what I use.) I'm very happy with it.
  17. BungeePerms If you use Bungee, Just like Pex but for Bungee!
  18. Hmm not quiet sure, feel free to correct me if im wrong :p
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