Whats the best way to get people in server?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Dark_Lord0, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. I made a brand new server with custom additions and more but No one wants to join. Its legit only me and my friend on. People join but leave cause not many are on.
  2. That's a great start, you're now at the spot where you have a few options. You can use your friend and yourself to spread word of mouth. Maybe inticie a few with 'dedicated to help grow a server? we might have a early adopter exclusive club position for you to fill' and introduce a referral program where the first 15 people get into this early adopters club.

    Meanwhile, your other options are some free advertising. Build up an audience through reddit, twitter, instagram, imgur, facebook, etc. Not to spam, but to show that you're building something up, look enticing and promising. Invite some of these early players to perhaps spread the word for you as well, and let them live stream on youtube/twitch etc.

    Maybe your staff members could offer a free rank upgrade but only offer it to 5 ppl. That way you might get a handful of long term players who feel important enough from the start of the server.

    Meanwhile, another option can be to just get listed on mc list servers, and introduce voting (just dont be intrusive and spammy, in a subtle way provoke players to support those listings on those sites)

    Offer a end of year MVP trophy for the one with the most playtime and the most votes. This might entice them to be on a lot more, and you improve player retention.

    Meanwhile, another option, yes, I keep saying meanwhile, is just to advertise. Ask for a few friends to chip in to help grow the server, be honest, tell them that 25% goes towards domains and hosting, 25% to marketing on social networks, and 25% to budget upcoming events, and 25% gets used through google adsense or facebook ads etc.

    Remember, you dont always have to advertise on a minecraft or game site, to target that audience.

    Be upfront with your players as well, if you are in it for the long run, let them know. If you are going to reset worlds from time to time, let them know. If you are just trying things out and dont care what happens in 3 months: let them know.

    Things take time, first 10 players are tougher than first 50, and the first 10 long term players are even tougher. Getting 50 daily players or even more, is a real challenge. Some invest thousands to achieve it, others just get lucky.

    But remember: you want to run a server why? To milk the kiddies out of their allowance? Or to start a business and build a network? Or just because you like to play with others?

    Know who YOU are with your server, so you can find that audience, target them, and turn them into players.

    Also, there's enough threads about this on the forums, read those. RESEARCH is needed to achieve anything. HARD WORK is needed to achieve anything.

    100% of the templated drag/drop control panel "i dunno wtf i doing lol but memes are my life" etc servers.. they're all fake, and they never last 3 months. Let alone a year.

    best of luck

    - make frequent backups
    - talk to your players
    - invest your time
    - work hard to achieve something
    - there's no shortcuts in life, you pay for it in the long run
    - you wont be hypixel