What's the cause of the server lag?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by maol3, May 25, 2016.

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  1. maol3


    Hey folks! Recently, when I had many players online on one of the Bukkit servers on my network, due to a YouTuber being online, the TPS dropped greatly. I can't indicate what all the information here means, is it the world or one of my plugins that makes the server lag?

    The world is an empty world with not of buildings in it and the view distance is 4. The TPS dropped down to below 4, and then started to rise when the YouTuber and many of the players left.

    Timings: <removed>

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Remove all parkour plugins.

    Also sonarpet if needed.

    Edit: You also have a lot of entities.
  3. maol3


    90GQ-Parkour or Parkour? Which method of it is causing all the lag?
  4. Try removing just parkour, then continue to remove others if needed. I also edited my above post.
  5. maol3


    Oh well, this is that parkour server of the network haha xD Usually I don't have lag issues, but there was above 90 players online at that time and I'm just curious if I can do anything in any of my own plugins (plugins starting with 90GQ) to improve the performance. ^^

    Thanks for the reply!
  6. RiotShielder


    Remove the Parkour plugin.
  7. maol3


    90GQ-Parkour or Parkour v3.7? Which method of it is causing all the lag? Thanks!

    EDIT: 90GQ-Parkour makes a lot of SQL work on InventoryClickEvent, that might possibly be the cause of the lag. In that case, I can disable that method if there are too many players online.
  8. Both of them are.
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  9. RiotShielder


    The "Parkour" plugin is using up 72% of your ticks, unless I'm interpreting it wrong.
  10. what is a normal tps?
  11. Tux


    Anything above 18TPS is considered good. 20TPS is maximum TPS.
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  12. thanks
  13. maol3


    I think that's the tracker of the world named Parkour. That might possibly be the reason of all the lag.
  14. Serializator


    You should consider another parkour plugin if this one is causing so much lag because it doesn't do SQL queries or I/O async.

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  15. Try download an anti-lag plugin.
  16. get a better server
  17. maol3


    That's not the issue.

    Thanks for all replies. :)
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