What's the command to ENABLE building in a certain world? - (mainly for PlotSquared)

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  1. Hi,

    I have Multiverse-Core installed to allow me to create and travel to different worlds.
    I also have PlotSquared installed to allow me to create a world full of creative plots for players to claim and build in.

    But the problem, is that default players cannot build in their own plot even after claiming it.
    I was thinking that the command to enable building in all worlds may help with this issue but I forgot what it was.

    I also have WorldGuard, EssentialsX Anti-Build and EssentialsX Protect, (if this helps with anything, all of my other 62 plugins won't make a change in this issue).
  2. Can anyone help? :ROFLMAO::rolleyes:

    I think it's something like /rg setflag __global__ build allow
    but does that allow building only for a particular world OR for all of my multiverse worlds.

    I would like to enable building in certain worlds, such as my plot world, so that players can build on their plots. I have a feeling that either world guard, or one of those essentials plugins is blocking players from building on their own plots even after they claim it.

    If I use a worldguard command such as the one stated above, will it allow every player in the world to build everywhere, such as on plot roads? If the worldguard build allowance is set to true?

    Hopefully that sums up some queries & questions that I have.
  3. all regions are per world, so __global__ will also only affect that world, it will not let to build where plotsquared denies it.
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  4. Awesome! Thanks dude! :D
    So if I enabled building with worldguard in my "Plots" world which has creative plots in it, players would most likely be able to build in their plots?
  5. depends on if worldguard is the plugin blocking the building, try it first, you can always undo
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  6. Okay, thankyou! :)