What's the difference between all types of servera and when will I need them?

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  1. what's the difference between all types of hosting?


    (Are there more types?)
  2. VPS is a little server from a dedicated server, you share a cpu and memory.
    (Requires knowledge of Linux)

    Dedicated server is whole machine only for you.
    (Requires knowledge of Linux)

    Minecraft server hosting
    Is a company who rent a dedicated server and they make little servers on it.

    Shared Hosting
    Same as VPS they give little servers and if someone else makes their server really laggy or use a lot of cpu power it will slow down your server.
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  3. joehot200


    Slight inaccuracy there, "shared hosting" in this context is the same as "Minecraft server hosting", not a VPS.
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  4. I don't fully understand your message.

    Shared hosting must be the same as Minecraft server hosting or should it be the same as a VPS?
    Maybe it wasn't so clear, but I meant the same way as a VPS (you share the resources)
  5. VPS - Stands for Virtual Private Server. As the name suggestions, it's virtual. The server is ran off of a dedicated server (description below). There can be multiple VPSs on a single dedicated server. Depending on how much you're getting resource wise, depends on how many Minecraft server instances you can have running. VPSs don't usually come with the most resources ever, so hosting too many will just start too lag. You're all sharing the same resources. Chances are you'll be running Linux, so you'll need to know what you're doing to use it. You can get other operating system's like Windows, but may come at an extra cost and also reduce performance.

    Dedicated Server - Typically shortened to "dedi"; a dedicated server is a physical server. You're given digital access to the server. They're typically used for hosting multiple Minecraft server instances you're normally getting a lot more resources than what people offer for VPSs. Dedicated servers normally use Linux but again, can use others like Windows. Dedicated servers are more expensive than VPSs but if your server is growing, then it's worth it.

    Side note: You're reasonable for the digital security and well being of your VPS or dedicated server. The hosting company will not step in if you get hacked or if your box is slowing down. Also another side note; be careful with internet usage. And by this I mean sending and receiving. If you're sending too much data then your host may question what your doing. And if your receiving too much, i.e. DDoS attack, then your host may completely stop access to your server until the attacks stop. This is because DDoS attacks can slow down an entire network of servers.

    Minecraft Server Hosting - I assume you mean a company who hosts Minecraft servers. They typically use dedicated servers (either its own or rents/"resells" someone else's) and then create multiple Minecraft server instances on their machines which you rent off of them. See Shared Hosting for more information about what Minecraft Server Hosting companies do.

    Shared Hosting - Minecraft Server Hosting companies do this. Shared hosting is basically having multiple Minecraft server instances on a dedicated machine. Each instance is sharing the resources of the machine it is on. Unlike a VPS or dedicated server, you're not reasonable for the security of the server, however you may be held liable for the well being if you upload too many files or upload files which they don't allow (i.e. pornography). Shared hosting is often regarded as a starting platform. Once your server has begun to grow to a signification size, you should leave shared hosting and look at a VPS or even a dedicated server.

    You can always get Windows on a VPS or dedi ;)
  6. Is it okay if I use this text in my wiki:
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  7. Credits added!
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  9. Oh okay, Thank you. But, let's say I would like a server with around 30 plugins and maybe 30 players. What type of server would atleast be needed to provide a good experience for the players?
  10. Do you have Linux knowledge?
  11. I don't think so. I currently use Windows on my computer. (If you were to suggest something, what is the most newbie friendly one that still, as I Said before, provide a good experience?)
  12. I would suggest you go with a shared hosting such as:
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  13. Okay, but these sites all have one thing in common, that you purchase each package based on ram. However, they also offer different bandwidth, storage etc etc. How necessary are those parts for a functional server
  14. It all plays a role, most people rate their hosting on ram though.

    Your CPU/RAM/Storage are all important, your server is as slow as the slowest item.

    Try to get a test server from the hosting you wish to get, to test if it works.
    (If they give you a test server, then you know they want you as a customer ;) )
  15. I see ;) Thank you so much for giving me advise about server hosting. that Minespan site you sent me seems very cheap, almost too good to be true.
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