Whats the largest server you've owned?

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  1. 10 servers when its really empty and 50 when its busy. But then again I haven't paid 1 penny for advertising.
  2. 90% uptime, server for 3 years, peak player count 10 :(. Can't seem to get and keep quality players for the life of me.
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  3. it is important to have a unique idea and unique experience (normally achieved with private plugins). If you have both players will come to your servers. That's how i got to 450(peak) players without paid advertisements. (note: the server does not exist anymore.)
  4. MineRoyale.
    Max players was 112 online players.
    Averaged around 50.
    I started losing interest/motivation, and ultimately gave up. But don't cry! I've recently been working on it for MineRoyale 2.0!
    Uptime used to be 100%
    The IP is Play.MineRoyale.Net, if any of you want to see the whitelist message. :D
  5. My current server, owned by me, made by me with love. Survival Server, my favorite gamemode:

    ~80 players daily, I already got 200 online at the same time (but that's was before I had hosting issues... fuck those shitty hosts, I'm now hosting @ ExtraVM and couldn't be happier).

    mc.sparklypower.net [1.7.2 - 1.10.2] (Running a custom PaperSpigot 1.7.10 fork)

    (It is a server for brazilians, because... you know, I'm from Brazil, so... you probably won't understand anything if you login)

    Random Fact: This is my first server I owned 100% (I had a server before, but I wasn't really the owner because I never received anything).

    Another Random Fact: I never played on any Survival Server except in my own servers.
  6. Being an active owner and engaging with the community is really important! Thats how my server has grown so much. Also unique gamemodes to keep players interested!
  7. Can confirm, people buy more ranks when I'm more active.

    No, seriously, there is a huge difference on bought ranks in months where I'm more active VS months where I'm not too active.
  8. I try to go on everyday, and I have a friend that does so as well, but I still can't seem to keep players besides ones I know IRL. We are resetting it tomorrow, so that may bring a few more.
  9. I had like 25 players player permanently. It was a vanilla server back in the 1.7.10 days.. :)
  10. During Decemeber We Hit Around 70 players During Alpha! Were Moving Into Beta during July and our hoping around 120-150 players or more!
  11. SpaZMonKeY777

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    Only server my wife and I have run is the one we currently run, www.AWNW.net and we currently hit just over 25,000+ registered and white-listed players a short while ago, and still growing. The most we ever peaked was for one of our older map resets a couple years ago where we had 305+ players online and ready to play one of our newest Survival maps lol. It was... pretty insane really, we didn't expect to have so many old players return but it was a load of fun.

    We are actually about to have another reset soon, so I expect our player count to get back to a steady 75-100+ online consistent. And mind you, we are purely white-listed to join, no other way :p
  12. i actually joined your server to check it out. Here is my criticism:
    Players that join for the first time, you end up is a small bad looking rule room. this is not a good idea. yes it will encourage players to read the rules, but it will also leave them with a bad impression.
    Then the spawn is very small and everything looks tight. There are two different spawns but the problem exist on both.
    i did not had a lot of time so i also checked out the gaming server. there you spawn in a labyrinth of glass where you can look into a flatland world. this is also really bad. the players cannot really see where to go and it also looks like you put not much work into it. the games that your servers offers are all pretty known. you have mobarena, survival games and co.

    if you want to get more players you should change all of this. new players should be welcomed by a large, open, good looking spawn. It should always look like you are putting a lot a effort into the server. Also you need to have games that only your server has. This helps to bind players to your server.
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  13. Our server just got a new record with 120 players yesterday :)
  14. I used to own a factions server a few years ago and I hit 80-100 players, peak being 150, good times!
  15. Thanks for the advice, I'll see what I can change!
  16. My largest server was about 12 Users online xD
  17. I've owned an OP-Prison server called "HendrixMC" that got around 80 players after graser10 recorded, after that I got a YouTuber partnership with ish13c a mineplex youtuber; we peaked at 120 to 130 after that on just one prison server. It was a fun trip while it lasted :p
  18. Use to run Beijing Canadian pixelmon server back in the day ;-D. 400players payed whitelist
  19. Anyone wanna make fun of Mineplex's shitty codebase with me?
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  20. I've never seen them hit 20k in two months lol
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