Whats the largest server you've owned?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by itsrina, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. I've never seen them hit 20k in two months lol
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  2. I am french sorry for my language,
    At the begining i just done a video alone and with some luck i got 30k views in one year. I started advertising on facebook and others social network, with love and imagination i managed to develop my server every days on my personal time. And now i got an average with my team At 350 players.
  3. i've got on play.addicted2.ro best playerbase 1,1k now i have 700 constantly
  4. ComuGamers 2800 Players on our good times
  5. Yet you don't have have the initiative and ability to manage & develop such a big network so get your ass down and talk when you have the ability to perform such action.
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  6. oh shit we have a savage in town
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  7. thanks dood, im a professional
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  8. I helped run a Prison server back in December of 2015 or so that averaged about 50-60 people at it's peak, but now I'm running a server that averages about 20-22 players a day with our peak in the last month being 35.
  9. My largest peaked at 17, with an average of 3 xD. I'm so glad I shut that server down.
  10. Ran a tekkit classic server for a few years that peaked at around 200 players.
  11. Splazeing


    BreachPVP is having a playerbase between 20-30 during daytime. Peaking 40 players+ in weekends.
    Most online 125 online.
    Also to mention the great income :oops:
  12. My survival world! :D
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  13. The top player base I've experienced was 53 players, without paid adverts or anything.

  14. pvp.zone:
    - peaked 400
    - usually has 200
    - peaked 600
    - peaked 200
    - usually had ~60
  15. Average : 0
    Most ever online : 15
    3 years running

    RIP :(
  16. Since reopening my server this month, I have reached a max of 95 without advertisements. :)
  17. lmfao ur ass dude kys
  18. The highest my server has ever peaked is 250 players. But, I develop on a server that gets 100-200 player's daily
  19. Well I'm obviously not doing something right xD
  20. Peek 37 players last saturday. Game Mode: MMORPG