What's the limit of my Dedicated Server?

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  1. So I have been working on my network Aerial Network for a while now and got a Dedicated Server. The specs are, 2xL5520 16GB DDR2. I was shocked myself about the DDR2 RAM once I saw the bill, but it was only $30. I installed Multicraft and loaded lots of servers up and had 10 people join and we flew around all in different directions. The CPU spiked up to 100% and didn't go down, but the server never lagged or crashed.

    Has anybody else had experience with this type of server before? What is its limits? 100 players? 300 players? I am planning to upgrade to a better dedicated server once my server kicks off. Tell me if you like the performance of the server too @ play.aerialnetwork.net!

    If anybody wants to pick up a dedicated server like this one too PM me and ill send you the link to where I purchased it.
  2. I highly doubt the CPUs can handle 100+ players since it has a fairy less single threaded performance. Maybe I am wrong here.
    But out of curiosity, which host and how much do you pay for the server?
  3. Not quite sure on the limit, but the CPU could of been much better for the price you spent on that machine.
    Kimsufi's KS4 would be much better, and also has 16gb ram for $28.

    Multicraft sometimes shows the wrong usage limits though, your much better off just using screens.
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  4. Agreed. I use a KS-4 and just stress tested with 100 player bots moving around the map. Server didn't lag at all and TPS remained 19-20.
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  5. The server only cost about $30/month. Great price and great uptime. I got it from a local datacenter the link is: http://www.dacentec.com/ I think it will last me a decent amount of time until theres a need for upgrade, all I can say now is its better than shared hosting by 10x!