What's the point of using Bukkit instead of Spigot?

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  1. I've been hosting private servers for a while now, but it's only about a month ago that I got into bukkit and started learning about plugins. It told me that I needed to update bukkit but when I went to the downloads page, it listed Vanilla, Bukkit, and Spigot. I researched a bit into Spigot and the only thing that I could find was that Spigot runs better than Bukikit.

    So that begs the question: Why even use Bukkit in the first place? How come I've never heard of Spigot until now? If I know how to setup a server by myself, are there absolutely any reasons for me to use Bukkit instead?
  2. How have you not heard of Spigot? its be around for years now. Bukkit is how it all started, pretty sure they dont update bukkit at all anymore.
    Edit: nvm a quick search and its still around lol
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    Bukkit is an internal component of Spigot, its been maintained by us (Spigot) for 5+ years.

    They're not the same thing --
    Whatever download page you visited it certainly wasn't one published by us
  4. CraftBukkit is the server implementation of Bukkit, and there are still people who use it, which is why plugins may be developed against bukkit instead of spigot. Generally the only reason people use craftbukkit however, is if they wish to retain vanilla mechanics while also having plugin support.
  5. As md_5 mentioned in many threads, that there is no vanilla difference between CraftBukkit and Spigot. He never get a proof that Vanilla mechanic differs.

    The only diff I know, is in terms of API additions, performance improvement and running the servers in a BungeeCord network.
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  6. Those performance improvements greatly change the way vanilla behaves.
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    If it can't be changed back with the config then there's a bug and you should open a report.
    As @ysl3000 says above everyone keeps saying they greatly change it but then never actually say HOW (barring stuff that can easily be reverted via config).
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  8. @md_5 what is the "main" difference between Bukkit and Spigot?
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    They’re completely different things, one is a programming API the other id a server.
  10. Bukkit = a plugin API (plugins hook into this API to manipulate the server)
    CraftBukkit = a server implementation that implements the Bukkit API, closely related to a Vanilla server with a few configurable things.

    Spigot = (originally) a fork of CraftBukkit (also including the Bukkit API with a few additions). Includes performance enhancing improvements to help your server run smoother and allow more players with less lag, with things such as "Entity Activation Range" (reduces entity ticks when an entity is far from a player)