What's the simplest way to setup a domain

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  1. I don't understand too much about domains other than they hide the port of your server.

    What's the best place to get a domain to hide the ip and port of a server, and that I can change what ip and port it points to at any time? Also how would I set it up? I heard you have to do service records or something to hide the port of a minecraft server which I don't understand.
  2. I've personally never had any of these issues. I've had major issues with GoDaddy though.
    I've had one dns issue with namecheap, and they've identified the bug and properly compensated me for it.
    I do not like that they've leaned into the hosting business, that's a bad sign in my book.
    I've tried out hover and others, and while they're equally nice, the stuff i am able to handle through namecheap is a lot easier than with them to be honest.
    CloudFlare seems to be a nice alternative yes, but i am not 100% certain yet i fully trust them. I will let them mature before moving my important domains over, but it's indeed on my 'keep an eye on that' list.
  3. Yeah, I've never personally had an issue with namecheap (although will be moving my domains to cf / porkbun soon), however my friend who's a sysadmin warned me to never go with namecheap
  4. The problem with companies is, they grow bigger, and they need to pivot a bit to increase their revenue, .. so what is good now, might be terrible tomorrow. It never hurts to switch to something better, affordable.
  5. I use https://www.pairdomains.com

    To the OP: If you're using a Minecraft host, the easiest thing is probably to have them set it up for you.

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