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    So I was wondering why all the sudden there is a lot of questions/suggestions on premium and free resources... I was wondering what the main thing is that your all asking for/suggesting... Is it on making the free resources moderated? Or to make the rules more tight?
  2. In my thread you've most likely seen, I complain at the lack of different ideas in the free section. Some (new)developers are posting resources that there are already way too many of. For instance, I was looking through the plugins list one day and saw a plugin called "Water Killer". Click it, it kills players when they walk in water. Cool, right? Click into the next page, see another plugin called "WaterKiller".. Different dev, literally the exact same plugin. You'd have to read the thread if you want my other points of view on it.

    As for the other threads, one was some poll about free vs premium, one was a complaint about premium plugins, etc.
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    Okay thanks! I just wanted to know because I felt they were jumping all over the place but there must be a main point... Also I totally agree that is a bad thing.
  4. While I was making this thread, I have been considered a long time that our community will eventually walk into a direction that is not what we used to be and neither we have demanded for. That was because people are not thinking forward thus this community will not be sustainable.

    And for this one, it is talking about rules (not only limited to resource though) are not persuasive. I believe that "it is up to stuff to decide" is really wrong, there need to be a standard.

    Finally this one is a troll.

    In my point of view, I actually totally agree with Spigot forum's decision. As a server owner for 2.8 years, I understand that how people may consider or judge things. In this case, Spigot forum has far less human power and volunteer hours in order to keep it ordered (because I literally only know 4 active staffs including md_5). My guess is, those decisions will manage to keep their work easier, but I cannot explain why they are not currently recruiting anyone.
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    Yea, I think Spigot is fine currently... But I think very soon if not now ms_5 should get at least 1 or 2 more mods..
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