What's your donation goal?

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  1. Asking this to get an idea on what I should set mine to relative to my servers expenses.

    Monthly donation/shop goal:
    Monthly server expenses:
    Average playerbase:

    Thanks :D
  2. GaIaxy


    Server expenses + 25%

    That way I have expenses covered and a little extra for future development.
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  3. Sounds like a nice formula, does it always reach the goal?
  4. GaIaxy


    Haven't tried recently.
  5. Gianluca

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    This is coming from my last server a while ago, may be out of date with todays stuff.

    Monthly donation/shop goal: $175
    Monthly server expenses: ~$80
    Average playerbase: 40-50

    Though, I would advise against publicly showing the amount donated + monthly goal on your store if you had plans to. It can be a turnoff for some.
  6. Splazeing


    Monthly donation/shop goal: $7000
    Monthly server expenses: $109
    Average playerbase: 50
  7. GaIaxy


    That'd be the life. You looking to strike gold and never have to work?
  8. donation goal: £100
    expenses: just under £100 so I rounded it
    average playerbase: 10 to 30 weekdays and 20 to 50 on weekends
  9. Splazeing


    That's no joke tbh (was my previous's month goal)
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  10. Whoa :O was it reached?
    even percentages?
  11. Splazeing


    Yeah, with 104%.
  12. Whoa, please tell me the secret doctors hate ;) lol but that's great ^-^
  13. My goals are a little different since my server is technically in open beta and a month old.
    Consistent player goal: 5 Peak goal: 15 (current 3 and 10)
    Monthly donation goal: $30
    Monthly Ad revenue: $10.00
    annual expenses: $120 (for server)
    Monthly expenses: 10 (advertising)

    Not a big budget, but as I get more players the budget will change.
  14. May I ask what kind of ads you pay for? $10 seems fairly cheap and I think that's something I could afford and use as well.
  15. No suprise with a server breaking the EULA ;)
  16. This is calculated for my upcoming project:
    • Monthly donations goal: 241$ (With my 96$ Scholarship for telecommunication technology and for "good" student at "learning" scholarship (translated with google))
    • Monthly server expenses: 48.21$
    • Average playerbase: 100-150
    And i will try to do my best to cover as much of the donations by myself so that i won't break the EULA so much...
  17. $800 for a rank?! That's overpriced for the perks you get.

    Monthly Income: £150
    Monthly Server expenses: £30 - 60
    Average playerbase: Currently not done yet. Though id estimate 20 - 30 within the first month.
  18. Well, he's running a 99% sale at the moment... Personally, I find that ridiculous just like Hypixel. Hypixel has ranks of $150 but ALWAYS has a sale. Like I have legit never seen Hypixel not running a sale. What's the point in having high priced ranks when you're always running a sale, better off simply lowering the price tags at all...
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  19. It is called as Marketing.
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  20. JamesJ


    Because it's a marketing technique.

    The same techniques are used in retail, too. DFS, SCS (both UK sofa/"couch" companies) are practically always running sales.