What's your opinion on this sever idea?

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  1. Hello, me and a friend has decided to open up a new network. Not just any network, a unique, minigame network based and revolved around the horror aspect.
    I've purchased a domain and wanted to receive feedback before hiring developers to complete our minigames.

    Would you play MineDoom, A horror-themed minigame server?
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  2. There are a lot of factors to consider here and they are generally considered without players even thinking about them. How a server looks, functions, and what's on it all play a huge part into whether or not a player would play on a server. Nobody can give you a real honest and thoughtful answer given the information provided.
  3. If you want know what i think you should give more info o_O
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  4. What's a "sever"?
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  5. Ill be a developer...! and I think it could work
  6. Pretty cool idea, I like it
  7. Give an example of a minigame idea. I hope a spigoteer will not steal the idea as I respect its ur idea. PM me and I'll critique, I've got unique ideas xP
  8. I feel as if a horror-themed server is a very unique idea that can definitely get you far, but I do not think you should make a network. I always like to start small and expand when the circumstances are right. Beginning with a network might be a little difficult and might not yield the expected results, but I would definitely say this is a good idea, and I would play on it.
  9. Unless you make your Minigames all very unique and fun, it will turn out like most Minigame 'Networks' with Hunger games and stuff that every server has.
  10. Me and sirgeek are the owners of the server, me being the founder.
    We're very excited!
  11. Von


    great idea, but as usual execution is key. how about a kickstarter campaign to raise funds?
  12. Who'd donate?
  13. If the minigames and builds/maps are done right, the theme could blossom into a popular server. I would definitely have MineDoom in my server list.