Spigot Wheel Of Fortune 1.8.1

the plugin allows users one chance a day a to spin a Wheel of Fortune

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    Wheel Of Fortune - the plugin allows users one chance a day a to spin a Wheel of Fortune

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  2. If it doesnt already work on 1.14, could you please add support for it to.
    Could you add configurable rewards and chances and the option to have it run a command for a reward instead of giving an item
    For the command option could you please add some placeholders such as Player Name, X coordinate, Y coordinate, Z coordinate, World, Display name.
  3. It works fine on 1.14, and you can configure the rewards in the config.yml, the idea for a command reward is interesting tho I will look into that.
    Unsure on your meaning on the placeholders please expand.

  4. For the command rewards, if I want to use the x,y,z coordinates of the player in a command I wont be able to get that without a placeholder, same with getting the players username and display name.
  5. This plugin has been reworked to include a GUI and optimize performance, I have made a sperate branch here in case people don't want the GUI.

    I am still working on the command option for you.
  6. Theres no rush, I am watching the plugin so ill get a notification whenever you update it!!!
  7. the spin command isnt working? love the concept of the plugin really want to see it succeed :D
  8. you have to have the spin ticket item in your inventory
    /givespin name x
  9. Yeah, I had tickets, I get an error when I have the tickets and do the spin command some internal error, probably cause I'm on 1.7.10
  10. "probably cause I'm on 1.7.10" I think we can go with that! I can see if I still have a 1.71 version if you want?
  11. Hi sorry I have been hard at work on another plugin I've yet to release!

    Here are some questions for you if you don't mind answering them:

    • I can do the command option but I would need an item for the spin to work maybe, include a Debug Stick?
    • Would you want the command ran by server OP level or player level?
    • What sort of command would it be?
    Please let me know asap so I can start working on it for you!
    1. If you mean it would need an item to represent it in the wheel that will be fine :) As long as that item can be customized per reward
    2. The developer NightExpress has an option in their plugins such as GoldenCrates for a command to be ran in the console, by the player, or by the player as an operator, I think that would be a good way to go about it, let me know If you need further clarification for that.
    3. Some commands I use with reward plugins on my server are '/crates givekey %player% cratekey' '/xpboost boost %player% 3.5' and similar stuff like that
    It would also be a good idea to allow for multiple commands per one reward so that other commands such as /broadcast and /me or even /tppos could be used. It could then allow server administrators to allow for negative rewards that could give negative potion effects or stuff like that.
  12. I will be making this update for the GUI version of the plugin as I have stopped development on the Non-GUI version at the moment, will that be okay?
  13. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/wheel-of-fortune-gui.74387/update?update=315799