When and how did you start in java?

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  1. Put THE message :D
    And tell me tips for start program
  2. I didn't wanna do Java
    Got forced to do Java
    But C# is more fun for me

    And it's format looks better, in my opinion/
  3. When : when Java was called Oak
    How : lean how to use *) variables, *) flow control, *) array, *) class an object, and *) package. When SunMicrosystems (now Oracle) released Java tutorial, gone through that.
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  4. What page por book you recommended for me?
    ( nooby :D )
  5. When: About 3 years ago
    How: Wanted to learn programming, and Java seemed the best option at the time.
  6. Learning a book or a page? Name :D
  7. I mostly read the Oracle tutorial/documentation.
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  8. When: 1 day ago xD.
    How: I'm currently reading this book and I highly recommend it. I am thinking of taking class as well but for now I'm learning by reading the book and watching few youtube videos.
    Note: If you are like me, I mean if you hate dull and dry type of books or articles then I recommend you to read this book but if you like it dull and dry then I think that the official Java tutorial is the best.
  9. When: 3 years ago
    How: Well, I first thought that Java was the same as javascript, so I did a course on codeacademy.com, did 70% of all their courses, so I knew the basics. After a while (3 months), I figured out that Java is not the same as javascript :(.

    I started with TheNewBoston on youtube (I recommend you him) and at the same time I read Howto-Java tutorial book of 300 pages long (didn't finished both of them lol).

    My tips:
    1. TheNewBoston
    2. When you are going to developing plugins, go read the wiki.
    3. Read others people code on GitHub or download the .jar and use a Decompiler.
    4. Never give up
    5. Start simple (after that, you can go, make things more complex)
    6. Split things up in your code. If you have your own /fly command, why does it not work? Is it the command is or is there something wrong between the brackets{}? Test things separately.
    7. When you ever start a big project, use a flowchart.
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    If you're a student, the Barron's AP Computer Science A book is actually a fairly good resource. Would recommend. It's what I'm using to study for my AP Computer Science exam tomorrow (and have been using the entire year thus far).
  11. 5 years ago in an Italian coffee shop, loved java ever since. Or is that the wrong Java?

    Seriously though, I started through the oracle docs about 3 years ago, already had a small background in C, and loved minecraft. Ergo java
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  12. 6 months ago i started whatching a video tutorial :p
  13. I started java two months ago,i read a book named 'The Black Art Of Java Game Programming'
  14. Augh C#. RIP cross platform.
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  15. QQp


    "Saying that Java is nice because it works on every OS is like saying that anal sex is nice because it works on every gender"

    Programming is not about cross-platform thingy, 70% of programmers are programing server side stuff (=web development etc) you, as a programmer, already know that the software will be running on linux server, your company management does not care if the software is written in assembly, fortran, c++, c#, java... management is "only" interested in money, yes you can code server side in c, and it will work nice it will be faster than jee/asp/... but the development will be expensive for your company (it will take longer time and c programmers are more expensive than php coders,...)
    - the main differences between .net and java is basically policy of microsoft (retarded licences, as long as microsoft supports stuff you are using, you are fine,...) vs freedom under linux.
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  16. Not only talking about Java in this case.

    Okay you can rewrite all of your programs for each platform. In fact, lets develop all different websites for different screen sizes.

    If the job calls for a specific operating system, fine use a language stuck to that specific one. PHP is cross platform as well.
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