Solved When I export a java plugin the plugin doesn't update

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by MystikDraggon, Jun 11, 2021 at 4:57 AM.

  1. I export my plugin and it exports the previous jar file, how do I fix
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  2. By exporting the proper jar lol
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  3. Are you using maven? Eclipse, IntelliJ? Are you sure you’re checking in the right folder???
  4. How export your jar?
  5. Its eclipse and its the right folder
  6. I think its a compiling error but I dont know how tk fix it
  7. Does eclipse give you any error message ?
  8. no
  9. what do you mean previous jar file?
    like older project that you compiled or older version of current project? you can open jar file with 7zip or winrar and check if its same as your current project..

    also how did you figure out its previous jar?
  10. Its the current project, if i deleted all the code it would still export the version with code
  11. and I think it’s a project error because if I export a different project it works fine.
  12. What errors does eclipse give you?
  14. It’s legit impossible that eclipse doesn’t give any error message without exporting the jar.
  15. the only thing it says is do you want to overwrite the previous file and I click yes
  16. things to make sure the compilation goes smooth:

    check that your project's saved (NOT compiled)
    check that the name you're compiling with is the same you're putting into your plugins folder
    reload/restart the server after applying the new compiled jar to the server plugins folder.
  17. Ok I fixed it! I had to make a new project and copy all the code over and it worked!