When is Spigot 1.13 coming out? Or a rough Estimated timing of so?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by HarveyCocks, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Title says it.
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  2. MiniDigger


    you see it when its on the frontpage. be pation. md is not even awake yet, lol
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  3. its out right now
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  4. rough estimate:

    This year.
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  5. Calm down boys, no time to hurry this up, still we need to wait for some devs to update their plugins etc. Dont be such a hurry, and if you want and know how to do it, test Spigot1.13-pre7 :) @md_5 is not a machine :)
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  6. TWW


  7. Ok, alright. Do you at least maybe think a few days or a week or something.
  8. Yeah something like that.
  9. I was also wondering the dates in which your previous spigot downloads were made. Like were they released on the same day or a few days later as this gives me contrast as to when it may be released.
  10. ssamjh


    You should expect within about 7 days I believe but probably way sooner!
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  11. There's a pre-release for pre7 out that you can use to try out most of your server updates and tests. This will help you with the api and whatnot, until there's a stable build and more plugins to follow. It's all very early, so there's simply no realistic answer to it, in my humble opinion.
  12. Sorry if I missed it but where is the download for the pre=1.13?
  13. Choco


    > Disregards entirety of this thread
    > Asks for download link (which hasn't been done since 1.7.10)

    If you want the pre-release, read the main page.

    Also, @ everyone in this thread,
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  14. Why are you being rude?
  15. We're informing you .. that's all.

    The FIRST thing you see in massive big letters on the frontpage is what we tell you - it's something you yourself should have noticed. It's annoying to get your question 50 times a day, when it's simply explained on the first page of the site, .. a bit of effort avoids us all wasting our time. Sorry if we come across as rude, I guess. We're trying to let you know to look around and find the answer yourself, .. or at least tell you what the current situation is.

    Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 21.16.32.png
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  16. The moment in which md_5 approves that 1.13 should be released. If you are impatient. Try contributing to Spigot to make if faster.
  17. Alright ok sorry. Just wanted to know.
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  18. you know I get that everyone sees this question numerous times. A simple link to the front page with a polite, "hopefully soon however we cannot say right now " ,will savice. Like I have said previously not everyone knows all that others know. Especially if you are not a developer. Spigot isn't just for developers. Instead of responding with ignorance just be patient with answers or don't respond at all.
  19. andrewkm

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    It’s coming July 41st right at midnight which is 7:64pm.
    Source: Russia.
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  20. NCF


    i like to pretend the answer is exactly 2 days. then, return in 2 days to verify. if it is not available in 2 days, i repeat the cycle.

    this is how i cope with the mystery responses that all devs of all softwares give- as if they dont know whether its gonna take 2 hours, 2 days, or 2 years and cannot be any more specific than that due to the inevitable global media backlash of an incorrect public statement