when should i use bungeeCord?

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  1. hello, i have a question about bungeeCord - when does it make sense to use it?
    i have a server with 8GB RAM and (atm) 10 maps, ~70 plugins

    does it make sense to split this server to 4 bungeeCord servers? every server with 2gb, and 2-3 maps with only the plugins they really need? or do i need bungeeCord only when i want really big servers?
  2. md_5

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    When you want to host multiple servers of different styles under one brand or 'network'
  3. k thank you, so i dont need this?
  4. SpaZMonKeY777

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    Are you getting a lot of lag with your current setup? That many worlds and plugins looks like it could be a hefty load, but if your not having any major issues, I see no reason to switch to Bungee.
  5. joehot200


    Use bungeecord because:
    Bukkit/spigot can only use ONE CORE (mostly) of your CPU. If your server is lagging with for example 200 people online, you can easily change to a bungeecord layout with 2 servers and your lag will dissapear.

    It is also for convenience's sake. For example, if you take my kitpvp server: Without bungee i would have to:
    Save the players inventory, make it so players dont lose faction power on death, add extra lag by having a new world, (and a multiworld plugin!), and also then being limited to plugins which supported MultiWorld.

    Instead, i have 1 kits plugin on my KitPVP server, and then can just put people on it with a bungee. Nothing else.
  6. Using multiple servers will allow each server to use a different core, also the restart time will be reduced
    My server before bungeecord: ~90 seconds to boot after: ~10 seconds
  7. does this works with permission groups? do i need a new permission plugin (atm i use PEX)?
    i want the same groups on every world/server
  8. If you use PEX with mySQL backend, it will work great