When there is one player in the server restart

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  1. How to restart the server if only there is one player
    My code
    Code (Text):
    public void Reiniciar(ServerEvent event){
  2. But, when do you need to restart, I mean, once only one player is left?
    Or at a moment and checking if there is only 1 player.
    Psdata: Your code is useless, you should learn some Java and reading the bukkit tutorial it's a good idea too:
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  3. Server check if there is only 1 player how to code it?
  4. English: Well boy, that's called spoon-feeding, those are basic concepts so start watching tutorials, nobody should do it for you, if you want somebody to do it for you go to the hiring section.
    Spanish: Eso es conocido como spoon-feeding, esos conceptos son básicos asi que mirando tutoriales no debería costarte mucho. Si quieres alguien que te lo haga entonces ves a la sección "Hiring" del foro.
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  5. Simply check if there is one player online in the PlayerQuitEvent.