Where a command runs from?

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  1. So today I have a quick question about a plugin that would be cool ig it exists. So many times when I join my server my avatar use the command "/me hey" as soon as I join. I have 64 configs however and it has been impossible to find where the hell this command is launching from. Is there an easy way I could do this and delete this command line?
  2. Start researching the plugins you install.
  3. What plugins do you have?
  4. I have been dormant for quite some time and yes I do research them.
  5. List out all of your plugins, I can try and help you find the plugin doing this.

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  7. There you are hopefully it is more obvious to you than it is to me.
  8. Maybe look into PlayerLogger
  9. Can we see your timings report? (Link /timings on ,wait a min then do /timings paste). It lists us all plugins and what listeners they have.
  10. No but good thought. I just checked.
  11. https://timings.spigotmc.org/?url=17482803

  12. Go into notepad++ and search for the /me command in every config.
  13. Check infinity dispenser, item keep, item stay, keep items, and spawn join. Possibly essentials.
  14. Also check your console when you join see if it says what runs the /me command
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  15. thats the first thing I checked it just says as if I typed it myself. My first thought was one time I spammed it and it got caught in a loop or something but that seems unlikely.
  16. Ill check those.
  17. This is weird. Anyway I deleted player data from my worlds and essentials. I kept pex for a good reason. Ill see what this does.