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  1. Today I took a ride on the spigot's premium resources, and I noticed that a lot of premium plugins not follow the rules provided by Spigot's team here. Some examples:

    Resources for which there are plentiful viable free or premium alternatives may be rejected.
    • It is up for staff to decide this.
    • Common examples of this include:
      • Crate key plugins (increasing day by day)
      • Kit plugins
      • "Hub Gadgets" or similar lobby centric perks plugins (increasing day by day)
      • Particle plugins (increasing day by day)
      • Kit PvP plugins
    Rule's example:
    Some altervatives:
    Other plugins seen thousands of times:
    If you want more plugin examples or alternatives comment..

    Resources which center around selling Mojang assets will not be approved.
    • ie: Adding 1.8 blocks to 1.7
    Rule's example:

    Notice that I'm not against Premium plugin, in fact I have also bought some, but i think that if you have to put rules you must make them so you can follow them!
    Sorry for English :D
  2. "may be rejected"
    Maybe it will be rejected, maybe not.

    Carbon is not a premium plugin... Just sayin'
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    Carbon isn't a premium resource...
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  4. As others have said, carbon isn't premium.

    And the first rule you posted explains why resources you may think match it get approved: "it is up for staff to decide this." The main ones they've decided there are enough premium resources for are then listed right below that. I see people complaining their hub gadget plugin etc didn't get approved, so they do enforce it, but in general they try to keep it a free market, and let the consumer decide if a plugin is worth buying. It would suck if uploading a free version of something meant nobody could ever make a premium version...
  5. Hahaha that's not reasonable enough though, or else why do we have something called price floors and price ceilings.

    And what if a group of bad guys do some price fixing stuff, well I know it will not happen.

    In general, if someone sees people selling crap for money in this free market, there must be others that considers: hey, Spigot provides a platform which allows you to sell craps for money, why don't I give a try? That's why more craps appears.

    Oh yea nobody buys them, but there are people selling them. I don't want my shiny GOLD_INGOT to be sold while there is a crap aside.
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  6. lol, yea, Spigot is overrun with white-collar crime. :rolleyes:

    AFAIK there are no real limits on pricing. I've seen plugins priced at 1 penny (when authors made them free), and plugins priced at $999.00 (when authors didn't want it being bought yet). You may call that 999 max a limit, but no sane person would sell a plugin for that much, so its hardly a limit (and it's likely just the Xenforo add-on's max).

    Unless you were referring to the economy(s) that Spigot exists inside, in which case Bukkit plugins aren't exactly a regulated industry...

    That would be consumers deciding the plugin isn't worth buying! :) That does not mean those plugins or plugins like it should be banned from being posted as premium, it means they need to improve their offering in order to get sales, thats all.
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  7. I find it funny that someone copy pasted my config section in that combat logging plugin and said they would buy the plugin if it had those features... And, it had 3 people rating that post with "agree"

    Really, might as well throw your money to the trash or send me a donation if you like the features that much...
  8. Does the premium plugin have features yours doesn't? If yes, that means they want those features, but don't want to give up the features of your plugin, and aren't about to go ask someone that they aren't paying to add a feature they want (ex: ask you to add the features from the premium plugin). They are (or would be) paying for the premium plugin, and feel they have more of a right to have requested features added if they are spending some money on it. I've sent some cash to a free plugin dev to get a desired feature added to a plugin I use, for exactly this reason.

    Which is how it should be. Premium plugins, premium support. Thats how I look at mine anyway. They are my customers, not just users of my plugin. :)
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  9. It's true and it should be. However some people don't.
    Buying a premium plugin, with no premium support, is this a kind of... scam? Or maybe not, since support is never forced nor guaranteed.

    I personally wish all premium plugins are actually premium, well nope.
    The update will be: very soon

    Or maybe premium plugins should be at least better than non-premium ones? Nope. (HAHA sorry if I piss someone off)
    Premium HealthDonor:
    Non-Premium HealthGiver, with even more features than the previous one:

    I can definitely find some of my old plugins, which will be definitely fit the premium requirements. Wrapped with a good config, take screenshots or make YouTube video for it, then release it. Hopefully someone will be stupid enough to buy it. Profit! :D
    Oh by the way I wrote 100+ plugins in the past 2 years including 60+ minigames. Imma gonna be rich?
  10. It's something like $999,999,999. I saw someone set their price to that resource to stop people buying it due to bugs.
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    You may have wrote 100+ plugins the past 2 years but how many have you released or how many were decent? I have seen you use that line everywhere but no proof expert.

    The thing is you are judging others and basically calling them out for having bad resources but not necessarily helping. Kind of rude criticism to me. Seems like you want to show some type of superiority over them. Noone is forcing you to use, buy, or even look at the resources you call bad. You could be more positive and try to help them by telling them what they are doing wrong or what they can improve on instead of calling them out saying the plugin they worked hard on is shit. Might have been easy for you (since ya know, you are a vet that wrote 200 plugins) but not everyone is an expert. People do have the ambition and willingness to learn though. All im saying is be nice to others because the way you treat others now, is how they are going to end up treating you later. When it gets to that point, your name will really mean something because all your connections will be lost.
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  12. I guess it has that countdown with the tag time which mine doesn't, however that plugin is at a point that mine was over an year ago. So OP is right, it shouldn't be for sale.
    Would be much easier to ask me for that one extra feature. I would be happy to add new features in most cases.

    Anyway, the only thing this does is encourage developers to make all their plugins paid.
  13. Sure, that is very correct.
    However, why do I need connections? Why do I need friends here in Spigot? Why do I have to provide the best information to anyone that could access? I have no responsible to do that.

    Back to my point:
    Spigot now is not "malicious plugin" proof - non-premium plugins are not supervised.
    Spigot's rule is not convincing - All rules needs to be able to judge any violations or things equally, instead of "admins will judge".
    Spigot now is not idiot proof - Because I am.

    I am able to flood this place with a lot of craps, because I really have so many of them. For each of them, they will meet the requirements. Oh yes, I should ask someone else to do it, because I will not lose my reputation, and alts are not allowed as long as I remember.
    Which I will just throw trash on this counter, hopefully someone will be stupid enough to buy them. It is better than nothing, and putting trash here is totally fine. Pretty much I cannot judge people selling crap, however if one day you find a lot of crap on sale, maybe that's gonna be an issue.
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    I didn't mean just here on Spigot. With your attitude it will affect you outside of spigot too.

    If it is so bad and you clearly have some grudge against the system here why not take your attitude back to bukkit?
  15. Because Bukkit community is far better at community management, and they drove a more positive force in current and future development while attracting more developers. Well the sad part is it is (almost) dead.

    Back to Spigot, the community here have the responsibility to retain their actions. I see far less was done. Or maybe Spigot community was just different from Bukkit, where moneybags are all around? Fine, when in Rome do as the Romans do.
  16. This is not the point where I wanted to arrive. What connection_lost said is right, spigot's rules are unclear and very often they are not applied (not only in resources). I'm not talking about the fact that the free plugins are better than those paid (and sometimes are) or that a developer who is paid put more effort on a plugin than one that go helping the community and not for profit (sometimes it's not). Over time, the premium resources'll tear to pieces free ones, triggering the much discussed mechanism "hey, that guy sells a plugin like mine plugin and he earns well, why do I not do too," everyone in this forum says spigot wants to prevent this, but that's whats happening! (Hey, why I dont compile free mcmmo with 1.8 to resell it and gain $ 6,610.03???) . Again, I'm not against premium plugin , in fact I have also bought some, but i think that if you have to put rules you must make them so you can follow them!
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    I will avoid dragging myself into the debate over premium resources, but the mcMMO license (GPLv3) explicitly allows selling the final product if the (GPL) source code used is publicly available. Since the final product is GPLv3 code, mcMMO's source code is open-source.
  18. Nah, MCMMO always have a free version. They just release the paid one to collect donations.
  19. This is another matter, it was just to clarify the concept " hey, that guy sells a plugin like mine plugin and he earns well, why do not I do too".
    And it's "against" the rules of spigot too, oh no excuse me, admins decides that. And you do well to avoid dragging yourself into our debate :D.

    Edit: connection_lost's right about MCMMO, its a simple commerce rule, be smart