Where can I advertise my server?

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  1. Hello everoyne. I am FatRat(MC Nickname). I have my own server and I am wandering where can I advertise my server? I want much online and I want to setup votifier. Help me!

    Server Info
    Minecraft Version: 1.5.2
    IP: Friendlycraft.McAlias.Com
    Website: FriendlyCraftGeo.Enjin.Com
    Owner Email: [email protected]
    Owner Skype: nikson.niksona​
  2. There are plenty of ways to advertise. Some of them are:
    Get a MinecraftServers.org slot,
    Get a YouTuber to play on your server,
    Put your server banner in your signature on many forums.
    And more..

    Also, I'd recommend getting a domain for your server and a website which is actually not Enjin based.
  3. You need $$$$$
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  4. How can I create banner for my server ! Same is yours.

    I Have
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  5. Ferx


    • Forums that permit it, make a subreddit or something.
    • Search around
    • Word of mouth is quite good, so spend time on your server. If it's good, people will talk about it.
    • I'd purchase art/plugins from the Services & Recruiment section, lots of good free-lancers there!

    Don't put your IP in a thread unless there's a reason to it, this isn't a place to advertise :x
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  6. You can advertise it on many "Minecraft-Server Lists"
    ... (and so on, use google to get more :D)

    You can post a little thread in this forum, and (maybe) record
    a showcase-video of your server to publish it on YouTube! :)

    There are many tutorials out there, how to setup Votifier! ;)
    And a personal question: Why Version 1.5.2?