Where can I find proper documentation for the spigot plugin.

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  1. whenever I find a plugin on the resources page - I can never find information that tells me exactly what the plugin does? only how to install it or what updates have been worked on etc. one example being essentialsX, the page doesnt tell me what i can actually do with it?

    where can I find comprehensive use cases for the plugins

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  2. thats a pretty broad question.
    There is no definitive answer, each plugin is going to have their own setup for documentation, whether it be wikis, overview pages, or just a lack there of.

    If its not listed, ask the dev, or ask in the discussion tab.

    No one here is going to have some magical website that has all info about every plugin ever made.
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  3. Plugins that don't come with a wiki or documentation may have a well-commented (or at least self-explaining) config.yml
    If you got a local testing environment set up, installing a plugin is just a matter of seconds.