Where can I find the equivalent of Bukkit.jar

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  1. Hey, recently I have been looking around for the equivelant of Bukkit.jar.

    I am wanting to mess around with max stack sizes and I remember reading up that you need 'Bukkit.jar' to do this. The only issue with this is that the original file was taken down.

    If anyone knows if there was some port or new version which was released to allow for this then I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a hand by linking me to it.
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    If you're talking about NMS you can also use the Spigot server JAR.
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  3. Okay, that is confusing then.

    Could you explain why this doesn't work then when I try to run it? (No errors it just doesn't increase stack size)

    Code (Text):

        public void onEnable() {
            changeStackSize(Item.d("cobblestone"), 100);
        public void changeStackSize(Item item, int amount) {
            try {
                Field f = Item.class.getDeclaredField("maxStackSize");
                f.setInt(item, amount);
            } catch (Exception e) {

  4. Bukkit.jars haven't been taken down I believe
  5. I can't find one anywhere. Just craftbukkit and spigot.
  6. Run buildtools on your server and you will have a Bukkit.jar.

    And are you building against spigot or spigot-api? As that makes a difference aswell
  7. I'm just building against spigot. I'll run buildtools now.
  8. The max stack size is client-side I believe. (might be wrong)
  9. for general programming with the Bukkit/Spigot API, you use the Spigot.jar.
    if you wanna directly edit minecraft-features and use things like NMS then use the CraftBukkit.jar compiled upon running BuildTools.
  10. You are referring to the Spigot-API jar as Spigot here ;). Spigot.jar is the spigot equivalent of CraftBukkit.jar.
  11. I believe that only CraftBukkit was taken down, but couldn't find Bukkit downloads on their site. I found this like on google though:


    It's not an official site, but it's hosted by the creator of WorldEdit so I'm assuming its safe.