Solved Where can I find the offline javadoc for Spigot-API1.14.4?

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  1. :cry:
    My server is still using the Spigot-1.14.4.
    but the javadoc of "" updated to 1.15.2.

    I always code with refering to the javadoc for all functions' params are named such as "paramString", "paramCommandSender" which made me feeling coufused to use it.

    I try hard to use my country's research engine to find the other websites which contain the javadoc of Spigot-1.14.4, but all the result I get is that there're all Spigot-1.15.2 or Spigot-1.12.2.

    Can any one help me about this?thanks very much..:cry::cry:

    (sorry for my bad English)
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