Where did you learn to code?

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  1. I wanna start to learn how to code but I have no idea where to start.

    I've heard about codeacadamy.com
    and TheNewBoston
  2. In all honesty, I have taught myself 90% of what I know. TheNewBoston is probably your best bet to help you start, but then start taking a look at source codes then deciphering them and the begin your career.
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  3. NewBoston ftw!! :D
  4. I honestly find NewBoston kinda slow.. (my opinion) after you learn the basic syntax, I find the best way to learn is just dig in and look things up and troubleshoot as you go. I just find it easier to learn by doing and find it also sticks with me longer.
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  5. Don't just count on youtube tutorials...bucky is a cool guy but you don't learn logical thinking or programming concepts from his videos. I am no master whatsoever, but I did find books to be great. Judging from your profile age you might be able to take a CS course in your school? That should help a bunch!
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    At university there are lots of Java books to choose from.
    I started out with a book by Currie, then branched off by creating my own programs starting off with the basics, then advancing into loops and arrays.
    To this day, I'm still experimenting.
  7. If you want to code plugins,
    I started by learning a few of the very basics, i.e. varibles, methods, operators, etc.
    After I knew the basics, i started to watch a few videos to get the basics of staring a bukkit plugin. I started a small project and scoured the bukkit javadocs for things I needed. The forums over there are good for when you need to know how somebody did something. After a while, I just learned how to translate my ideas into logical code. This will also help with basic java coding too.
  8. Went to class for some basic Java Syntax, got really boring though.

    Eventually, I picked up Bukkit and an IDE and started figuring out how to do things like check levels, and it all kinda pieced itself together. I learned HashSets and Maps, Arrays and for loops through trial and error and reading other people's code.

    Basically: Practice and reading Source Code.
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    Before I even started I read through the source code of Bukkit and random plugins on Github for hours and try to understand how they worked without any coding knowlege. When I did eventually start I only watched around 15 of thenewboston's videos and from there I pretty much just messed around and troubleshooted. But because I had looked through so much source code I already had a pretty good understanding on a lot of the syntax and how methods, variables, class types and the lot work.
  10. I learned to code in java from a free Stanford online course on programming methodology.
    I would defiantly suggest learning from a pure java course first before going into minecraft/bukkit development.
    I never really did any of the assigned assignments for this course but just watched the videos and tested things I found interesting. I would recommend this course if you want a better understanding of the whole java language.
    link to the youtube video
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