where do you host your server?

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where do you host your server?

  1. Amazon (us)

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  2. Amazon (eu)

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  3. other place (name where in a reply)

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  1. I'm thinking, where are you hosting your server?

    I am hosting my server at hetzner in germany, cheap prices and high value hardware.
    ofc. can you find better hardware but not to those prices.
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  2. I'm hosting at Hetzner, too.
  3. Small Company in hosting in New Zealand for my Australian server.
    Best place Ive found in value for money.
    Plus, they're helping me buy a new server outright :)
  4. andrewkm

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  5. Jigsaw


    Codero (US Company)
  6. Bestle


    Colocated mine in a data center in Arizona.
  7. PhanaticD


    hetzner ftw
  8. I'm using Limestone Networks, and I must say. They're awesome... Best support I've ever worked with.
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  9. looks very nice, but quite expensive, right?
  10. I use CraftYourBox. The server we got sponsored is strong enough to hold all bleeding NC+ development builds :).

    Well quality costs money. I also heard that they are very nice for server hosting.
  11. true that quality costs, but hetzner is pretty nice for low price range.
  12. I use Hetzner, you get what you pay for. Works well in general and i've had around 10 servers there since 2004. No bad experience.
  13. Yep, last week I had one broken HDD. Support reacted fast and changed it.
  14. We are hosting at Hetzner. They have quite nice support and cheap prices.
  15. I host mine on earth.
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  16. I guess the question is " Where do you Host, what your player demographic playerbase playing from the most?"
    Answering that question should help and decide on what " is a good reliable host ", naturally if your playerbase is from europe you choose a euro server and us etc visa versa, but if its Multinational you need to think about it more
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  17. Honestly, not that bad. I host a server of around 200 players, and we pay $156 a month. Not that bad.
  18. I have a 1290v2 from LimestoneNetworks :) So far so good :) If SecuredServers had a 1290v2 I would probably go with them though-so if you're looking for a 1270v2 I would say SecuredServers.
  19. 1270v2 is better than 1290v2 just saying..(Price Wise)

    What server specs do you have? how much do you pay?
  20. Yes it is cheaper because it is less powerful. :) It has 16gb of ram, 128gb samsung 830 ssd 1gbps uplink.