Where do you watch football online?

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  1. Matches, statistics, results, etc. Can you share some good websites?
  2. Are you reffering to the classic football or American football?
  3. Stream2watch.org | Live Streaming Sports - THE BEST - select your game 10 mins before the match


    Live Cricket and Watch Online Streaming CricH

    Sportslive4u.com - Live Sports | Football Live Stream | Sportslive4u

    Hope it helps - I watch up to 80 games a season on these websites

    Match results you can check for example here.

    Hope this one helps.
  4. I watch football only with my husband now and then, especially when our friends come to us. As we cut the cord, we bought Amazon FireTV instead. Actually, there are many good kodi builds and apps to watch sport. We chose one of iptv services called Sportz TV and have access to more than 6500 satellite channels from all around the world.
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