Where I can host a node.js app?

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  1. Hey! I need to host a node.js app.
    I already search some hosters but I dont find a good one. The app doesnt needs a lot of power (it barely uses resources)
    I already tried on HumbleServers: https://billing.humbleservers.com/cart.php?gid=9 But they wont allow me to host an node.js that is not a bot. Deploys.io (https://deploys.io/store/discord/bot-hosting) will allow to host it, but their plans are too big for my small app.

    Do you have a host that I can use?
    Maybe a free one? or a paid one?
  2. What specs and location are you interested in?
  3. Buy a cheap rpi and host it on there.
  4. md_5

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    Less than 1 euro a month!!!!
    How much smaller do you want?
  5. Optic_Fusion1

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  6. The app is more like a just for fun app, and it barely uses any resources (60mb of ram at the most). I dont really want to pay for something I wont use a lot.

    hehe, no xD

    If all works fine I'll probably release the thing I'm working on (with a dev) in the next days. Its probably the weirdest (and probably not very intelligent) thing I had ever done here in Spigot, and I really want to see what the community says about it.
  7. md_5

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    I mean its literally the cost of like 4 cups of coffee a year, or a very small chocolate bar a month.
    You won't get something for nothing, but this is damn close.
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  8. hehe.. yeah..

    I think I found the one.