Where I can host my website?

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  1. Hey!
    I'm looking for a place to host my website.
    My website is not that big so a shared hosting with cPanel would be nice.

    Also, If you are hosting your website on a shared plan, Where do you host it?


    EDIT: I am thinking of getting a shared Cpanel plan on ramnode, any experience with them?
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  2. If you have a VPS or dedicated server, try to host the website there to save a few bucks a month.
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  3. Revivenode seem to have ok web hosting. ($1.5 per month)
    Otherwise I would recommend Vultr.
  4. Sadly no :(
    Okey, thanks!
  5. No problem :D
    Hope I helped :D
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  6. You can also get a free website from enjin. Its one of the popular sites to get a minecraft server site for free.
  7. You can use Vultr or DigitalOcean to host your site on it. If you prefer cPanel then go for it with Ramnode ;)
  8. I'd honestly suggest Scaleway over DigitalOcean. DO is amazing, but they are super expensive, you can get a lot more out of scaleway for a lot less and it be way better than say OVH.

    For example, I was paying $130/month USD on digitalocean for 3 VPSs. I have completely switched to Scaleway and am paying $100/month USD for 11 servers (4 baremetal machines, 7 VPSs) Almost all of them being at or above the same specs as the 3 from digital ocean.

    Their support is amazing, and setup is insanely easy if you know linux. While scaleway has slower connections (~250mb/s up, instead of DO's 1gb/s up), they have unlimited bandwidth. And I've never even come close to actually managing to hit that 250mb/s limit anyway.
  9. ElixirNode seems to new to the business, and I really dont have a good experience with those types of hosts.
    Revivenode seemsa good option! But I think I prefer RamNode...
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    No thanks :p

    I dont want to rent a VPS, I really like the felling of using a panel and thats why I love Cpanel.
  10. It’s worth noting that Revive uses DirectAdmin.