Where In Multicraft Panel do I set the Physical IP Address

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Kiqkinas, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. My server has 4 physical network cards so it has 4 physical IP addresses., 122, 123 and 124

    I have the machine running Multicraft and created a new spigot server. So far so good, but I can not access it across my local area network. The cryptic response I got from Multicraft was "You can indicate the IP you want to use in the panel unless you're behind a router with that machine".

    I assume he is referring to Minecraft Server Manager | Settings | Panel Configuration but find no place to set the IP address.

    The minecraft server is using
    the Daemon is using

    I was able to this working with BungeeCord pretty easily, but can not figure out what to set in Multicraft for Windows.
  2. Contact me on Discord, it's not this simple. The daemon is supposed to run on as that is the local address of the machine. Perhaps something else isn't set right if it's not working.
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  3. The daemon is just fine if he isn't looking to connect to it remotely.

    You should be able to set the server IP address in the server overview?


    Ensure the IP is configured on the Windows machine first. Let me know if the server starts up successfully. Errors should show up in the server console.
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    192.168.x.x is a local network ip address, not a public ip address. Also, if you do bind it to one of those 4 ips, only people on that servers network will be able to connect.
  5. If I have to set each server IP address and port separately, then I don't understand the point of the daemon.

    Since I plan to host multiple servers do I need also need BungeeCord in order to switch between them?

    If so, do I run BungeeCord as a server inside Multicraft or outside?
  6. As I said "I can not access it across my local area network." Once I get this running, I will configure the firewall and DNS for public access

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