Where is the best place to buy a domain for a minecraft server?

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  1. I've purchased domains before, but none of them have been set up for normal tcp or udp connections, and return http responses that are sort of a wrapper for an html file. I was wondering, what is a good service to use that is cheap and easy to set up to use for register a domain for a minecraft server?
  2. Wherever you buy domains, they're selling for the same price.
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  3. Ight, epic, but where is a good place to buy one? I don't want to buy one and then find out it only supports http servers.
  4. All domains support Minecraft servers, you probably don't get how domains work. A domain is a "pointer" to an IP address (or and port) and that's the only thing it does. So it doesn't matter what's actually on that ip. So any provider should work.
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  5. recommend buying a domain from namecheap and transferring to cloudflare registrar
  6. I do actually get how domains work. As I said in my first post, some just only work for html, as they attempt to wrap the body of the packets into html. You probably just have never tried many domain services.
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  7. You mean a web server (such as Nginx or Apache)? A DNS server is just responsible for retrieving IPs and other info from domain names*

    And I’ve used several different domain registrars, that doesn’t matter.

    Anyway, personally I mainly do exactly what Piglet said; buy from NameCheap and use Cloudflare to manage DNS and as a proxy.

    * DNS servers are more complex than that I know, just simplifying
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    Ummmm no ;) That has absolutely nothing to do with DNS.
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  9. Dask dpack vlol?
  10. If you want something cheap, yearly, and easy to manage. Try FreeNom. It's not the most efficient but they sell .net domains for about $7 per year.

    I don't exactly know if cheap is what you're going for but that'll be my suggestion is you are.
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    Are... are you having a stroke? lol