Where is the Protocol-hack jar?( Build 1646 )

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by MindoTv, May 24, 2016.

  1. how can i download the Spigot R0.1-SNAPSHOT Build 1646 ?

    because lots of plugins only work with the protocol hack...

    please help!
  2. Use ViaVersion plugin instead of a 1.8/1.9 protocol hack.
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  4. Why can i make it with the build?
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    downloading of spigot old spigot builds is illegal due to a dmca takedown (google about that or search the drama forum)
    downloading of new spigot builds is illegal because they would package code by mojang which hurts thier and spigots licence.
  6. You can still legally download the source from Stash and compile it yourself.
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    which is basicly what buildtools does. You need to clone it, apply the patches and compile it. I did not mention that because it is not realy an option for most ppl (it requires git, maven, a jdk, a ide, a shell)