Where to buy a VPS?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Do you know any host of quality, where to buy a VPS?

    Recently, I'm having a lot of problems with DDos Attacks.
  2. Tux


    RamNode offers good VPSes with up to 50Gbps shared DDoS protection (only in ATL, NYC, LA and NL): https://www.ramnode.com
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  3. ovh.com?
  4. I have an OVH VPS, it has "pretty good" DDoS protection, works 75% of the time, at least in my experiences. I would however go with an external DDoS provider even if you have a VPS provider that has "good" DDoS protection.
  5. external protection will add extra latency, and external ddos protection being routed into more in-house protection is a bad idea, anything could go wrong along with the latency.

    OP, how big is your server and how big are the attacks?
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  6. That's a given, but it always depends on attack sizes, like you said.
    Also, @zLooToS_ , is there any way at least with what you have right now to see how large (or small) your attacks are?
  7. Vultr.com

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