Where to find developers that are actually qualified?

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  1. Hey, not something I've really had to deal with for a while since I've relied on the same developer for years now, however with his departure from the MC scene I've run into a bit of an issue.

    Where do most people find developers that are actually qualified and are good at their job? I understand there is a developer recruitment category, but let's be honest, 95% of the developers in the category either rush out their work because they don't care, or they aren't knowledgeable/qualified in the first place (Especially developers who code plugins that can't handle at all with more than 20 players).

    Would be looking for someone for the long term, not really a "freelancer". If it comes to it then ig I'd be looking for a quality freelancer if I don't find someone else.
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  2. Just look around for developers with past work that are offering their services. You can't really tell how good or bad a developer is without seeing examples of their work for yourself. Just give a good long search, and don't go with just any random people.
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    Ask for a portfolio and check out their work. If they don't have a good amount of projects to show you, move on. If they show you projects but can't show code that goes with it, move on. If their offer seems too good to be true (very cheap), move on. If they don't have a good forum reputation (especially new users), move on. If they don't have decent grammar, move on.

    These are a few things you can employ. Basically, perform your due diligence. Don't just open your wallet and throw money out. Research.
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  4. I agree with @simpleauthority, you can't really know how good a developer is until you've seen their work. As far as finding them goes, there is literally thousands on this very website. Check out a few profiles and shoot a few dms. Alternatively, join some popular discord servers e.g HelpChat or more developing orientated servers
  5. If they're not charging US$50 to $100 per hour, they're probably not very good.
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    This is true. Though, when I do MC work I tend to start my pricing at $25-30 an hour, and scale up from there depending on the project.
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    Haha, if i did commissions & shit I'd probably have a lower than normal price just due to lack of knowledge when it comes to pricing xD
  8. With my inferiority complex, my rate would probably be $3 an hour.
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