Where to find Youtubers and renting slots?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Laos1996, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. So over the past two weeks I have been searching for youtubers and slots (was focused on .org slot), and my search turned out to be a complete bust. I've sent to over 30 YTers emails if they would be interested in making series and what would be the pricing. Beside that I've contacted some YTers on forums such as mcmarket yet some were fishy, some havent responded at all, and some are busy. Same goes with slots I am unable to find any. So, where do you guys find some youtubers willing to make series and slots for rent?
  2. If you dont want to spend a load of money for YouTuber's that are ever so famous , Try contacting some smaller channels that might do it for cheap or even free
  3. Well I don't have that big budget to get top YTers, but smaller ones dont even reply, and they are often cocky and raise price even tho we already made a deal.
  4. Look around forums.. you will find someone eventually who will give you a good price, and more players...
  5. Try and go on Youtube and just look at recent uploads from small youtubers.