where to get a Dedicated Server?

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  1. So i heard (ovh) and something about kimsufi but yeah where can i get a 16gb for around $20-$40?

    i want it to be able to run
    100 players
    40-50 plugins (idk why)
    singer server

    also i want the location to be US or is Canada the best option? since i say them having 16gb for $22/e
    yeah idk much about setting up but ima take a gamble and buy one and play around with it with
    guides untill i get it right so if anyone can also point me to a good guide or if possible to someone who
    charges to setup for you, thanks.
  2. I can teach you how to set up a centos dedi and use multicraft panel to control the server from a webpage.
    But I have 1 condition, if you do not speak fluent English then I probably won't be able to help you. You didn't use any punctuation other than 2 question marks and it's a pain in the neck to read what you wrote and try to understand it.

    I can, however point you to some guides. You need Centos 6!
    Installing LAMP stack > Here
    Installing PHPMyAdmin > Here
    Installing Multicraft > (SAME THING, READ FIRST)

    Install them in that particular order so nothing goes wrong.

    Optionally, if you desperately need a desktop screen > Here <Read all and understand before you go into action.
    You may also need to know about IPTables > Here
    If you are running windows, and you need a good SSH client > PuTTY
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  3. joehot200


    What on earth do you want 16GB for with a puny 100 players?

    Also, Why would you want to sacrifice an SSD or a better CPU for more RAM? It doesn't make sense. Go for about 6 to 12 GB, and then focus on what actually matters: The cpu.
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  4. Way to show some love there joe.

    He's looking at a $22 dedi, he's not gonna find a top of the line dedi with a good CPU, that's already set in stone.
  5. joehot200


    But why is he sacrificing the quality of the CPU for something that is less important? If he has $22, he might as well spend the majority of it on something that is necessary rather than something that isn't.
  6. He's not sacrificing it, he never had a quality CPU in the first place, $22 can't get him a quality anything, regarding dedicated servers. The important thing for him right now is to be able to play around with a dedi server and learn to actually set one up. Now $22 for some solid hands on experience? For him, at least, totally worth the money. Wouldn't you agree?
  7. everybody are looking to the ram and the CPU name like Intel Xeon while an cpu has 2Ghz so it cant hold an single modpack server but for an good cpu just get one with 4Ghz
  8. Intel xeon are fine for modpacks even if low ghz even a i5 could do it
  9. with 3.1Ghz YES 1 server i think because @RW_Craft is running under 1 dedi like 10 servers maybe
  10. For that budget, go with Kimsufi's KS-4 (with the i5), or the KS-3 (i3) which is a little cheaper, but slower.

    You will never need 16GB for a single Minecraft instance, ever. But it does give you a nice overhead for MySQL, the website, etc, all things you can put on the same dedicated server.
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  11. well i currently have 30 players on with 6gb 41+ plugins and get around 11tps and
    people complain about lag so i figured moving to a dedicated server was the next step?

  12. Worry about CPU, not RAM. What are your current server specs?

    Too much RAM allocated can even be a bad thing: You'll overwork the garbage collector having to sweep through gigabytes of RAM repeatedly. (though I don't think thats the case here, that kind of lag is spikey, not a constant low TPS)
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    By looking at those timings, the server you're Minecraft server is running on probably has a high load, contact the host and ask them to check it. Any dedicated server will probably do fine for you, OVH (SoYouStart/Kimsufi sub-brands) are great to learn on without having to do a sacrificial ceremony on your wallet.
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  14. clip


    I have a 32 gig SyS ssd3 server with no players that I have had for almost a year. Sowut
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  15. Damn.
    I'm trying to get a SyS Ssd4, but out of stock.
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    You need to check constantly to get one lol. Luckily when I got mine I happened to refresh at the right time and only had to check once.
    (swear its a true story)
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  17. I vouch MCProhosting! A bit costly but worth the support ticket system, and great memory! My server runs $8 per month and has 71 plugins! Barely ANY if NO LAG!!! Amazing!
  18. Same, a bit over a year ago, just hopped on and hit buy haha. Now they're snatched up like hot-cakes. I've wanted to downgrade to a kimsufi (they didn't offer BHS servers when I bought my SyS) just because I don't need the extra capacity, but I'm afraid I'd never get another SyS if I did need it. (plus the E3 is kinda hard to give up for an i5!). Even the kimsufi servers disappear quick sometimes!

    mcprohosting is overhyped garbage. Why are you suggesting shared hosting in a thread asking about dedicated servers. Two completely different animals. o_O

    edit: Plus, "71 plugins!" is not a metric to measure your server by. I could add a thousand plugins, but if they all just print "PluginX enabled!" on startup and nothing else, I could still say I run 1000 plugins on my raspberry pi with no problems. Obviously that means MinePlex could run on it, right!? /s
    Not all plugins are equal, and its hardly a metric to measure a server by.
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  19. clip


    For the price I really think SyS is a great value for the $$. Even though I only use it to test my plugins on + hosting testplugins.com server, its totally worth it.
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